The modern society is developing extremely fast. Contemporary technologies have become an essential part of our life. Today’s youth is very mental developed. The use of all achievements of technological progress influences on them significantly. Meanwhile, the most important values of humanity also have been changed. Nowadays, everyone wants to be rich and consider that he or she will be happy with a lot of money. Nevertheless, it seems that the material wealth is the first and primary aim, which allows us to simplify the life, but in reality, trying to get rich, we lose our spirituality and forget about the really important things.

People, who try to get rich, waste all their time and make a mistake thinking that they will be satisfied with the wealth. It is obvious that the goods, such as a house, clothes, household appliances, automobiles, etc., are extremely important in an everyday being. These things help us to simplify our life, but in order to get desired belonging, every person has to work hard. Nevertheless, people too addicted to making money and forget about everything else. The usual person spends almost all its life for work. Thus, such men or women do not have enough time on the spiritual development of its personality. It leads to the negative consequences, such as, low sense of justice, greed, pragmatism, lack of respect for others, anger and hatred for those who are more successful, etc.

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The extreme focus of the society on the wealth has meant that money has superseded the true values. There are a lot of examples of personal lives of the rich people, who have not found the happiness through money. Of course, that such people do not have any domestic problems, they don’t need to think about the question were to find money, because they have enough of it. It seems to be relevant to assume that they are happy. There is the common mistake, and when a person becomes rich he understand that the happiness money cannot buy. But then it turns out that the whole time has been lost, and there is no possibility to find an ordinary human happiness, such as a loving family, good children, true friends.

The pursuit of money has made people very pragmatic and selfish. The modern men always try to get more money and make it the most important aim of the life. But, on the path to riches thus representatives of contemporary society disregard interests of others. Thus, every person tries to spoof even the relatives, in order to get some extra money. This led to the fact that the today’s people are awash with suspicion and hostility. In addition, the selfishness destroys human relationships and makes everyone the enemies to each other.

The current understanding of family is very different from the historical examples. Nowadays, the half of all families decays, while children grow with an inadequate upbringing and the neglect of human values. Considering the fact that everyone seeks to be wealth, the love relationship are also based on advantages of the rich partners. Therefore, the material gain becomes the basis for creating a family which, in its turns, becomes unprepared to hard and cruel life. As the result, the partners disappointed in relationships, and the children are raised in single-parent families. This leads to the low morality of youth and even the juvenile delinquency.


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In the modern life, the concept of friendship almost ceased to exist. There is the well-known thought that the personal dignity can be evaluated through his or her friends. In everyone’s life, there is at least one true friend, who can help out in a difficult moment and do not seek some benefits from the friendship with you. It was for centuries. But, today all these have been changed. Everyone seek some profit from the amity. The thirst for wealth causes people to find the most profitable contacts. Consequently, the betrayal has become commonplace in today’s society. People have ceased to trust each other and share their experiences with anyone. Now there are not so many men, who have true friends you can rely on. Hoverer, we should not forget that any friendship should not be connected to any money issues.

In summary, their modern humanity has the new distinguishable aims, priorities, and values, which are concerned the getting wealth. Modern society’s need for unlimited amounts of money significantly affected the development of human spirituality and morality. Our community becomes more cruel and avid. Pragmatism and selfishness destroyed all attempts of mankind to be more generous to each other. The family and friendship have lost their influence on today’s relations. People have stopped to realize that there are much more important values, which should be protected. Beliefs have become the subject of profit, while the genuine spirituality becomes the unique feature of human’s character. As a result, the modern needs destroy true values and become the decoy aid of contemporary humanity.

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