Cape Verde has impressive mountain scenery and most tourists, who visitors come from the United Kingdom, France, Portugal and Germany. The majority of tourists visit the islands of Vista, Sal and Maio due to their white sandy beaches. World heritage town, like Cidade Velha, and ecotourism Island of Fogo are mostly visited by tourists. The government has a commitment of transforming Cape Verde into an international tourism destination with the implementation of programs directed specifically to improve ancillary services such as transport, banking, hotel business and recreation services. Tourism is traveling for recreation, for leisure or for business purposes. World tourism organization defines tourists as people travelling to and staying for a period not exceeding a year to places outside their normal environment for purposes of leisure, business or other reasons.

Role of IATA in developing tourism in Cape Verde and globally

IATA has developed different programms designed to give skills and knowledge in tourism, airline, airport and civil aviation. They have programms such as travel and tourism and international aviation training programme. IATA implemented global navigation satellite system (GNSS) procedures in the eight airports in Cape Verde. IATA’s partners innovate solutions international were to conduct geodetic (WGS-84) surveys, where they would develop procedures, train airport officials and publish respective charts to enhance smooth technological transfer. This was done to enhance GNSS arrival, departure procedures and approach.

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Role of the World Trade Organization

World trade organization is mandated to promote a sustainable and worldwide accessible tourism’ by promoting tourism as a tool for economic growth, an inclusive development and offering leadership and support needed in the sector by advancing knowledge and tourism worldwide. The organization champions for implementation of global code of ethics for tourism to use tourism as a social-economic contributor in achieving the millennium development goals. It generates market knowledge, encourages tourism education, promotion of tourism policies and instruments through technical assistance in different projects that run in over 100 countries worldwide.

Role of national tourist boards

National tourist boards are a group of experts in any country that provide information on matters of tourism by promoting their country at international travel markets levels. The sierra Leone national tourist board has promoted tourism through doing advertisements in electronic media of different scenic beauties in cape Verde that has encouraged both domestic and international tourism.

Role of tour operators

Tour operators are an important part of tourism, as they determine where tourists go and which facilities they use. Tour operators act as intermediaries between tourist and tourism service providers, since they influence the choice of consumers, practices of suppliers and the development patterns of destination. Examples of tour operators are Barracuda Tours, Cape Verde Travel, and Pure Travel.

Role of airlines

The expanding market for tourism has seen Cape Verde improve its infrastructure more, so the air transport got the necessary level of development. In Cape Verde, there is a lot of transportation between the islands that is done mostly by air. There are flights to the islands of Santiago, Sal and Sao Vicente, but fewer flights to other islands. The main airlines that serve the country are Cabo Verde Express, Halcyonair Cabo Verde airways, and TACV Cabo Verde airlines. TACV has daily international flights from Lisbon or Pria, and weekly from Amsterdam, Paris, Munich and Boston. It also has inter-island flights to the seven islands with operational airports.


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Role of hotel operators

Hotel operators link tourist to comfortable and scenic hotel and beach sites. They offer a variety of services to the tourists in Cape Verde, such as accommodation, games, like skiing; others offer tour and traveling services too. The world travel and tourism council advocates for people to travel safely, efficiently and securely across borders, and policies to promote travel and tourism as a tool for economic

Changes in the travel industry

E-commerce is an emerging trend in the travel industry, whereby customers can book at their convenience, and travel providers also find it to be cost-effective. Apart from having online travel for sites booking, e.g Orbitz and Expedia, hotels and airlines also have their own online reservation systems. There are changes like Geotourism, youth sports travel family reunion travel and international travel. Changes in the economy, as well as worldwide events or attractions, affect the travel industry. Many marketing travel industry have embraced technological advances by reaching customers through advertisements and giving discount offers.


In conclusion, tourism industry contributes a lot to the economy of any given country. Due to this it has been called the industry of industries. There are challenges griping the tourism industry, such as soaring fuel prices affecting travels, Geotourism, disasters like terrorism and environmental issues surrounding air travel and debates on sanctions to be imposed. There is a need to prepare for disasters like earthquakes, avian flu and terrorism by different airlines as they have done so. Encouraging private investment in commercial space tourism, promotion of tourism by the private sector and improvement of visa services are also very important.

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