Muslims around the world started observing the annual one month period of prayer and fasting known as Ramadan in mid-July 2012. This is one week away from the inaugural day of the London Olympic competitions, 2012. The article explains how Muslim participants in the competition plan to fulfill their religious obligation without jeopardizing their performance.

Ramadan dictates that Muslims go without food and water for a whole day, pray for long hours and are charitable to the poor. Abstinence from food and water by the athletes means that they would lack the much-needed energy and therefore perform poorly in the competitions. Thus, some athletes have decided to observe Ramadan after the Olympics while others will help the poor and needy to fulfill Ramadan. However, some will be observing Ramadan during the competition noting that others have done it before and will be successful on the track.

Students Are Paying a Larger Percentage of Their Education

The increase in education costs has led to many American students contributing financially to their education. Students rather than families are shouldering the education budget as shown by the high amount of unpaid loans taken by students. The article comments on the ways in which students are meeting their education costs, especially while in college.

Some practices adopted by students include living at home while in college so as to save money since the latter is expensive. Other practices include living with a roommate and working longer to increase their income. Most students use debit cards as opposed to credit cards, hence saving more while others choose cheaper education institutions for their studies. Reduction in the financial capabilities of families has been blamed for the trend. The increased borrowing by students has presented the need for training on how to make wise financial decisions as some are unable to pay their debts eventually.


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