Winsome Manufacturing Company intends to implement a project proposal to manufacture a room-sized storage container. This project will lead to the company incurring increased production costs (Lewis, 2006). Being a new product for the company to manufacture, there must be a project sponsor. Before the company implements he project proposal, it must consider the ramifications and value added by the project.

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For every project to be successful, here are a number of people who are involved known as stakeholders. At Winsome Manufacturing Company, there is a project, involving the manufacture of a room-size storage container. This project will incorporate the company, the government, and the consumers. Since this is a new introduction in the market, the company will not incorporate the services of distributors or wholesalers. The company needs a direct contact with consumers to learn consumer needs and behavior concerning the product. The company will produce and distribute the product. This means the company will invest in the production of the container. The government will be involved in the approval of the product as consumable or safe to use by consumers. Lastly, the consumers will be involved in buying the product for consumption. The project sponsor will be the managing director of Winsome Manufacturing Company. Being a new investment, the managing director has to mandate its operation. The project manager will be from the research department. This is because, being the department that came up with the idea, then it is most appropriate for it to manage it. This department has detailed information of the requirements of the project. According to the company’s analysis and research, the product will increase the company’s revenue as well as increase its competitiveness (Joseph, 2003). The project charter is a statement of the expected happenings of the project development or documentation of the process that will take place in the project implementation. It includes an outline of the stakeholders of the project. If the project is completed successfully, it is expected to increase the competitiveness of the company. This is because the competitors have a similar product but with fewer features. Therefore, the product will be a preferred substitute to the product of the competitors. Without it, the competitors have been having a competitive advantage over Winsome Manufacturing Company. Therefore, the accomplishment of this project will solve this problem of being less a competitor to the competitors. If Winsome Manufacturing Company does not implement this project, it will remain less competitive in the industry. Therefore, the competitors will still have a competitive advantage over it.


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The project charter

Winsome Manufacturing Company authorized a research group, to carry out research on what the company would do to counter the rising competition in the industry (Paul, et al., 2005). The research group came up with a report suggesting that the company ought to start manufacturing a room-sized storage container. The report was evaluated by the executive council and approved. Therefore, the executive council requested the research department to give details on how to implement their report (Joseph, 2003). The department gives their market research details of what the customers want in the new project. Since the project idea originated from customer needs, it is to be made according to customers’ specifications. This project is a suggested solution to what the customers’ pointed out. The customers end up buying room-size storage containers from the competitors, which are not comprehensive. Therefore, in response to customer demands, Winsome Manufacturing Company came up with this project proposal (Lewis, 2006). Failure to implement this project, the company will remain less competitive as likened to other firms in that industry. Since the proposed product has more features than those found in competitors’ products, the Winsome product will be very competitive (Paul, et al., 2005). The product will be produced based on consumer specification; thus will scope a large portion of the target market.

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