Principal Martha may want to administrate a faculty meeting that aims to encourage the faculty members to elevate their leadership skills by accepting role responsibilities that would help the institution achieve higher academic standards. She is expected to play a significant role in improving the efficiency, proficiency and security of the academic environment. Showcasing her leadership skills would inspire the members of the faculty to enhance their capabilities. Teachers may have the different inclination in terms of leadership and Principal Martha is responsible for determining which of which teachers would perform better on a certain task according to their skill set. She also has to give extensive supervision to her staff to be able to polish their skills. Even Principal Martha requires additional training for the better understanding of what the goals are, and the keys to achieving it.

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Examples of distributed leadership:

  • Strategic leadership:

– principal Martha and her staff are supposed to have calibrations about the minor and major concerns of the school. The plan must be driven by the ideas of the staff that aims to secure the improvement of the school standards to increase the quality of graduate students year after year.

  • Academic leadership:

– it aims to evaluate the teaching and learning standards of their school. Martha has to set high goals for her staff and she might want to assign someone who can monitor the progress of both teachers and students. The evaluation results must be kept for school academic progress report and may be used to extract the opportunities for improvement.

  • Organizational leadership:

– it involves the ability of Martha to manage and organize her staff for better teaching practices. It also includes the evaluation of the capacity of the buildings and resources of the institution. For example, Someone has to evaluate the number of students per classroom, and monitor if the area can accommodate the number of pupils per classroom.

  • Communal leadership:

– Martha has to select a few members of the staff to facilitate organizations/clubs such as Science, Math, Dance, Sports clubs to increase the enthusiasm of the students. Someone has to conduct the meetings for the parents to give them awareness about the progress of their children and to provide elaborated outlines about the potential improvements of the school.


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