Affirmative Action

Specific Purpose: To prevail upon my audience to advocate for affirmative action to enhance equality for the minority and women.

Central Idea: By promoting and advocating for affirmative action, students not only put the plight of the minority and women into the limelight but also pave way for reforms in sectors that have for many years hindered equality.



  1. A quick review of the political leadership of this nation, which is evidently dominated by males.
  2. To date, no woman has held the most powerful office in this country, white house. President Obama is the first person to occupy the office from the minority group, but still male.
  3. According to Damon (2012), the financial gap between the rich and the poor, mostly the minority and women, has continued to increase with each passing day.
  4. Arensmeyer (2012) claims that many businesses are still in hands of the majority.
  5. Employment and education facilities continue to elude the minority and women (Kanani, 2012).
  6. I have seen many capable women leading large corporations successfully and others taking up political offices despite the pressures and responsibilities that come with them. They are a few among many who have the opportunity to show what women are made of. Today, women and the minority groups yearn for such opportunities, but cannot get them. By championing for affirmative action, we are giving them a chance our society and government has denied them.
  7. I would like to persuade you to join us who have already taken the responsibility so that we can defend our brothers and sisters.

(Transition: First, I would like us to address what our silence has caused this nation)



My call for affirmative action has been necessitated by three factors.

  1. According to Andersen & Taylor (2011), discrimination has continued to persist despite numerous campaigns against it. Therefore, by sitting back and watching we will be giving room for this evil to take root and entangle our society.
    • Women are discriminated and subjected to gender based violence frequently.
    • The minority are discriminated in employment, education, and business ventures.
  1. DiTomaso (2004) claims that diversity, both at work and in schools, is good for higher performance and aiding national cohesion.
    • A workforce comprising people of different races is more likely to achieve higher results. This is because: a)workers learn from each other how to complete tasks, b)workers compete more aggressively to derive pride and satisfaction from their jobs, c)The desire to be relevant makes workers give their best.
    • Diversity enhances national cohesion: a) According to Niessen (2000), diversity in places such as work, school, and business corridors enhance national cohesion. B) As people interact, they begin to appreciate and accept each other regardless of their cultural, political, or religious affiliations.
  1. Discrimination causes the government a lot of money annually.
    • Conrad (2005) claims that experience, knowledge, and skills are wasted annually due to discriminative tendencies.
    • We can save the government these huge amounts of money by fighting discrimination against the minority and women.Discrimination causes the government a lot of money annually.

(Transition: After knowing why affirmative action is essential, it is time to see how we can champion for it.)

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Though the success of championing for affirmative action demands group dynamics, the individual input is of utmost importance. That is why I am calling on you to volunteer and join the program.

  1. As a group, we will easily make our voices heard.
  2. The campus provides you with the best opportunity to interact with many people of different races and backgrounds making you very resourceful members of the team.
  3. We will provide for your fliers, brochures, and other relevant materials to facilitate your activities.


Your decision to join us will be of utmost benefit to you and our team. As a student, you stand to gain tremendously by joining the program. Most importantly,

  1. You will be able to operate only during your free times
  2. Our target is to reach at least one person per day, meaning you may need as little as 20 minutes in a day!
  3. The satisfaction that comes with voicing the needs of the weak and the voiceless will be all yours!
  4. Our program has part time engagements for members and volunteer programs, which can both be of help to students. Most importantly, we offer financial assistance to our dedicated members in need.



  1. I beseech you to volunteer your time for the minority and women of this nation who have continuously been subjected to discriminatory tendencies by championing for affirmative action.
  2. By airing their grievances, we will be opening up opportunities while at the same time destroying the chains of discrimination and prejudices.
  3. This program will need the least of your time and will most certainly bring satisfaction.
  4. Most importantly, however, your contribution may help reconstruct and empower an individual who will forever remain grateful for your assistance.


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