We all leave in some communities. Some are bigger, some smaller. Right now our community is our working team. By the time we leave our office it will be a wider community of society that we leave the inn, when we arrive home this community will be our family. What would you feel if you were kicked out off all of these communities? Nobody to talk to and nobody to show interest on you. Also, nobody to care. You just live and hope to die sooner because of nobody seas any point in your existence. Have you ever thought about it? But this is exactly what expects each one of you. This the way as our grandparents live in our innovation world. In a world where we easily forget about something old and go on to something more shiny, new and interesting. We leave elderly people to die alone in misery and ungratefully turn away from them to our future. And this exactly what will happen to us in a while. Our children, our grandsons will just throw as a way as an unnecessary garbage, as we did with our relatives. Showing no gratuity. I want to encourage you to turn it all back around.

Most of the elderly people do not have am the amount of saving that would cover the stay in a nursing home. Either they children do or do not want to sponsor it. Mainly this is the same old story, children grow up, move far away and even sometimes visit their parents rarely than once a year. They not even imagine what kind of life is having their father or their mother. When you are young you always think: what do an older person needs? A bed, a little apartment and something to eat. This so wrong. By the time you get older, you need more and more care. Your body does not work anymore in the way it does. You are getting match lighter some injuries, which do not hurry up to recover so quickly, to be on the move, you have to take medicines which are not the cheapest one and if you like enough to not a get a serious disease you can eat mainly what you want, but if not you need a special nutrition program. They are many of them which need a constant help. But most of all they just need attention.

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About one in every eight American is an elderly person. (Department of Health and Human Service, 2011). There is really a lot of them. And our organization has the possibility to help them. I will explain in which way. During my time in college… long time since then… I was in an organization that was in touch with a good will organization. They tried to inculcate the juveniles respect and caring for elderly persons. With the help of the neighbours, they collected a list of elderly persons who were living alone and in not good conditions. After that, they raised money to compose a little box with simple necessary things in the household and some grocery. And they went with them from dour to dour making people happy. I went with them. I never forget one particular case of one apartment with the newest possible armoured doors made like from red wood. Behind those doors, a little elderly miss was hidden from the world. She was so happy to see anyone that she cried. She told us that her son has bought her does doors, in order to make her feel safe and that nobody could still anything from her and after that he did not show up. He barricaded his own mother with her misery and unhappiness behind these doors.


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What we do best: just separate us from the thing that bothers us. But we can do better than this. Our department with the help of our organisation can organise a help for those forgotten people. I am sure anyone would not like to become one of those. The proposal is this: we arrange the simple package with necessary staff and maybe some little extras, collect the list of lonely elderly people from different places. It can be a Church, or a charity organization or just information collected from the people of your neighbourhood. And once a week, you would just make a visit to a specific person that you would choose and bring her the necessary staff. Maybe she would require a help with the shopping list, or just escorting her to a doctor, this is only on your conscience. If this is what you would like to do for her, that it would be beautiful.

To conclude I just would like to thank for listening and for not interrupting. This means that mainly you all are thinking and analyzing my words, which means the world to me and would meant even more if we start this project together. All the necessary information, on the schedules, time frames and list composing of the participants and the fund raising will be provided. Just remember: we are all on the way to the old life and we also someday will need support from anyone.

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