Precipitous development of the modern society is accompanied by the significant reassessment of values. Humanity no longer understands the importance of the most usual but considerable willingness. Thus, I believe that personal responsibility plays a crucial role in the modern world. Personal responsibility has a truly large significance to me because my success in life would be impossible without it. It is also essential for college success as education, first of all, is the personal challenge that everyone has to overcome on his or her own. Also, I plan to practice my personal responsibility by fulfilling my duties in a proper manner.

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Definition of Personal Responsibility

Personal responsibility can be considered as an agreement to accept one’s responsibility for his or her actions and choices as well as all the consequences. Supposedly, a person agrees to fulfill one’s duties in an appropriate manner, creating a benefit for himself or herself and for other people (“Personal Responsibility for Students,” 2013). = In other words, this is an act of taking accountability for one’s own actions, acknowledging all the consequences that can come as a result of these actions and realizing how a person can influence the world.

Importance of Personal Responsibility

There are many ways to explain the importance of personal responsibility providing a large number of examples. However, it seems to be relevant to support the point of view that it is very difficult to overestimate the significance of personal responsibility. It also plays a great role to people, because everything that we have and can get in the future is created due to someone’s personal responsibility. For example, books that we use for education or any other purpose were created by persons who were responsible for that and did their work well (“Taking Personal Responsibility in College,” 2013).

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Undoubtedly, personal responsibility is crucial, because all people live in the interconnected world where all goods and services are a result of teamwork. Therefore, even if one person becomes irresponsible, the entire system might stop working. Human life is based on personal responsibility that determines its extremely tremendous role in society and personal life. The significance of the liability can be shown by analyzing various stages of human life. When a person is growing to be conscious about own deeds and words, it can be a guarantee of a well-mannered member of the future society. According to Springston, personal responsibility is necessary everywhere, but most of all – during education, work, and in the family (2010). Going to school, college or university – it does not matter where – responsibility means that a student will do everything to work hard and get valuable knowledge for life. Responsible students realize that all efforts they are making now will return as money and success in the future. They know that they are taking responsibility not only for their future but also for the future of all mankind that consists of such students.

After getting a job, personal responsibility grows even more. The difference is visible: when being a student, you mostly worry about yourself. But being an employee, a person becomes a part of the whole system. If he or she does something wrong, the system can crush, and it happens because of one’s mistake (“Taking Personal Responsibility in College,” 2013). Consequences of such moments could be devastating.

Finally, when a person builds a family, he or she is responsible to care about family’s members, to give love and support, to be faithful to a wife or a husband, to bring up children, and do other things. Love is not enough to live together because there should be something that guides people and lets them treat each other respectfully.

Relationship between Personal Responsibility and College Success

Personal responsibility plays a truly important role in education and in college success as well. First of all, it has to be noticed that college education (as well as any other education) is a two-way process and thus it is based on the personal responsibility of both students and teachers (“Personal Responsibility for Students,” 2013). Lecturers have certain duties that they need to fulfill in order to provide the normal educational process that, in turn, is an essential precondition of college success. Thus, college success of students depends not only on their personal responsibility but on the responsibility of lecturers as well.

Traditionally, personal responsibility of students is a very popular and widely discussed topic. Students, first of all, need to fulfill their duties in a proper manner that, in turn, supposes attending lectures, preparing homework, passing exams and other. According to Springston, responsible students are good at fulfilling their duties thus providing them with relatively many benefits (2010). For example, when students do homework or attend lectures, they acquire new knowledge, skills and gain experience that is required for college success. As every student has to study on his or her own, personal responsibility is crucial for college success.


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Personal Responsibility by the Example of my Life Experience

Taking my life into consideration, responsibility in studying process is the most essential for me. I know that I am not an ideal person, and my personal responsibility needs to be improved. That is why I need the strategy. First of all, I need to buy a diary and make a time schedule. The schedule is something that reminds me about what I should do today, tomorrow, the day after tomorrow. It controls my discipline. Secondly, I need to write down all the homework carefully and do it gradually according to my schedule. Thirdly, I should remember what I promise to different people, i.e. meetings, concerts, walks, studying time together etc. It will make me responsible for my words. Also, I should promise myself to be patient and attentive to learn my subjects in detail and pass examination well. I think these four steps are enough for me. I will try to put them into practice during next two months. I am sure that my results in studying will not make me wait.

Plan to Practice Personal Responsibility

My personal plan of practicing personal responsibility, first of all, is based on fulfilling all primary duties.

This plan includes a few important actions: 1) do the required reading for the week; 2) be attentive when it comes to answering the daily questions and meeting the guidelines for participation and thus having fewer problems in the future; 3) plan to start doing reading beforehand to have more time and be ready for some unexpected difficulties; 4) spend more time for self-education to acquire new knowledge that could be useful for education.


In conclusion, I have realized the extremely high importance of a well-organized personal responsibility. It helps to make the whole life better and to accomplish the desired goals. It becomes possible because the majority of human problems are caused by their own mistakes. When someone does not want to accept the accountability, he/she starts to blame other people, circumstances, teachers, weather, politics, God. It is necessary to understand that we create our life, and no one else is responsible for what we are doing. The development of personal responsibility would change a lot of happenings and prevent many sad stories.

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