Nannies for a long time now have turned out to be a real force in the American life due to the 3-decade lengthy arrival of middle-classed mothers into the American workforce, and more so, the latest wave of the low-priced female migrant labor. For instance, people or even a working mother may seem to call her nanny “the Caribbean or Colombian Mary Poppins!” The book by P. L. Travers Mary Poppins created a character, a nanny, which has become famous over the ages, and it is actually difficult to come across an article or a book on employing a nanny which doesn’t mention Mary Poppins. Mary was a nanny for the Banks family, and she had supernatural abilities; she was able to talk to animals, and convert a disorganized family into a household of contentment and order. Mary Poppins is not your ordinary nanny.

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The Travers’s narrative, which outspread over the track of an ultimate 8 books, is placed in London, during the depression era and illustrates a globe in decline position. The Banks household though represents a steadily middle class, seems to be racked due to the economic anxieties, and it is the last residence in the street, and apparently, the house is ramshackle and wants a cover of paint. Nevertheless, they seem to enclose the entourage of servants: ranging from Katie Nanna (a kids nurse), Robertson Ay (a lawn mower), Ellen (a servant), and Mrs. Brill (the cook for the family). Mrs. Banks is busy with her duties, while Mr. Banks is clouded by money, thus giving little attention to his family.

It is surprising how Katie quits her job, and later Mary Poppins is carried by the eastern winds directly to the Banks doorway, which can only be explained through magic. Immediately after her arrival at the household, the daily life within the entire Banks home changes forever. Mary apparently becomes the most extraordinary nanny to the twins, Michael and Jane, as she becomes the earth’s mainly dearly loved the nanny who passes excitement along with enchantment everywhere and everything she does. She did charming things to the children like sliding up at the banisters, making a dosage medication to be like pleasant appetizing lime juice, and more so, pulling an intact comfy chair out of a vacant carpet bag. A whole day with her was a day filled with enchantment and imaginary things and acts.

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Mary Poppins was an ordinary nanny since she is a daily enchantress, a lady who will reprimand a youngster for clothing on a coat while the room is warm, and surprisingly take charges at the zoo during the midnight in an assembly of animals, and take an afternoon tour around the planet. Ordinary nannies take care of kids by feeding them, and do home chores, but do not do magical demeanors while kids are asleep. The fictional image of Mary is from the very start troubling, for instance, she arrives at the Banks family as a figure which has been thrown by the middle of a windstorm onto the house doorsteps and presumably taken on a shape of a lady, and she intimidates Mrs. Banks in order to employ her. She is a shape shifter in both body and her personality, sometimes she is good to the children and others, but sometimes she snaps to them, and seemingly doses the kids with a mystifying concoction immediately after getting them on her own at the nursery.

The Banks family sometimes discovered that they were yearning for Katie, who was more ordinary and ruled the home amicably. However, on the contrary, the whole family was happy that Mary arrived even though she frequently frightening, scornful, threatening, and angry, and moreover, called the kids cannibals, shoved them downward the stairs, as well as made them gobble so hastily that the parents feared that their children would one day die of food choking. On the other hand, she had this odd tendency of saving the kids from horrendous paranormal experiences, even though she was the one who placed the children in such situation as revenge for their naughtiness. Mary sometimes appears as if she was a nanny who didn’t like children that much, which is quite unique since everywhere nannies love kids.


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A completely different character of Mary was too exhibited, nevertheless, the family still loved her. She used to put the kids to bed and unfasten their overcoats in addition to bathing them like a real and normal nanny would do. The kids were familiar to her merely by her fragrance which was sunlight, and toast soap, and she further showed her love to the kids by going to their beds and comforting them with the quiet words and tepid milk. Therefore, it is interesting how she switches between her magical life and a normal caring nanny, but the bottom line is that she was able to earn the genuine love a youngster has to present: the kind of love that is attached in their trusting confidence on the individual who offers physical care, the worker of a nanny. This form of attachment is seen in Michael’s requests to her never to leave them asked immediately after the foremost night when she came to take care of them. This kind of question shows how the children highly relied on Mary for the foundation of their existence, love, warmth, and food, a personality exhibited by an ordinary nanny.

The fact that she was brought to the household by wind crops up as she answers to Michael that she will only to leave when the westerly storm or rather a wind changes. This is not an ordinary wind, it is the wind of transformation which she brought to the Banks family, and even though her departure leaves the family heartbroken and furious, but the parents have learned a lot especially towards rearing their children. Travers combines magic and fantasy in creating the character of Mary which becomes influential through her teachings on the Banks family, which becomes able to transform.

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