It is a common knowledge that people may feel special emotions about particular places. For instance, someone, looking for inspiration, goes to an empty beach, or a person, who needs to make an important decision, climbs a high mountain in order to be alone and contemplate over a problem. Photographers make dangerous trips in order to make exclusive pictures of perfect nature or outstanding buildings; poets dedicate their best works to the beauty of the environment. People are prone to remember the places which impressed them for some reason. The place that takes the special position in my mind is Niagara Falls, the place where water lives.

The feeling of being so tiny in a big, even huge world appears in the head when looking at something exciting like a waterfall. Even still water draws your attention and amazes with its pure perfection. It is not a surprise why people are so attached to water, as it is a constituent part of our organisms. The long time ago, people have always built their homes not far from water as they were absolutely dependent on it.

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It is interesting to observe how people drink water. Someone may gulp it with wild thirst when another will savour every drop. Someone can be very picky about the quality and cleanness of it, while others do not pay special attention. People do have their own attitude towards the water, which is based on particular factors. However, everyone takes into consideration the fact that without it we are bound to die.

Nevertheless, we also understand the risk factors that water conceals. It took so many lives, so many hopes, so many days. Being unpredictable and changeable, water can invoke so many feelings: anxiety, tranquility, bitterness, peace, indifference… What does a waterfall express? From my perspective, different people feel different emotions while looking at it. Someone may think that waterfall is extremely dangerous and causes concern while another person remains imperturbable

People view things through their personal prism. From my viewpoint, the waterfall is a phenomenon that represents our life in its cyclic character. The process when water reaches the very top of the fall is parallel to a person’s birth. Then, someone, living his or her life always being in a hurry like water, is extremely fast when falling. In the very end, he or she understands that it is over, and a little hurricane pierces through the soul, like every waterfall that boils on the bottom. New people are born – new water is on the very beginning of the extraordinary but fatal journey.


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Sometimes, people are so busy that they do not pay attention to details. The problem is that they cannot find that balance between financial and inner wealth. Being engaged in work, they do not even understand what exactly they are missing. Very often, at this point, a person resorts to nature, which is not a wrong step. Proceeding with the idea of feeling miserable near a waterfall, it is worth saying that being human means underestimating spiritual recourses nature can supply us with. For instance, when I observe the perfection of nature I subconsciously become calm comparing my problems to the universe. They seem to be so little and insignificant. A person of any gender, race, nationality and with different intellectual abilities seeks for the union with nature, being its part from the birth.

Niagara Falls is the place where one feels inspired. The sound of water makes thousand of voices speaking in all possible and impossible languages. You just need to learn to hear what they are trying to say. The colour of water changes with mood swings. Water can breathe, move and feel there. If you need to make a solution, go to Niagara Falls: if you want to relax and spend your time in solitude, go to Niagara Falls: if you are up to visit an unbelievable place, the picture of which will last in your memory forever, just go to Niagara Falls.

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