For the body to function well, it needs vitamins. The body in minute amounts needs these protective micro elements. They have so many functions including Vitamins, especially cobalamin and folic acids as very important in the synthesis of red blood cells. They are also vital in the maintenance of the body’s skeletal system, nervous system as well as the immune system. In these ways, they protect the cells against diseases. There are more than 10 forms of vitamins and therefore which need to be taken on a daily basis. This is very challenging since most diets lack one or two of these. Even people who observe their dietary intake to the latter miss one or two of these micronutrients. It is at this point that vitamin supplement, called multivitamins come in. Therefore, multi vitamins ensure that one strictly observe the vitamin daily requirement. This helps them avoid health complications that come with vitamin deficiency such as night blindness, beriberi pellagra and pernicious anemia.

Multivitamins enable a person to obtain all the vitamins at once in a single tablet. They may, however, come in different forms. These include pills, capsules, and syringe preparations as well as syrups. Of all these, the pills should be avoided since they pose a challenge for the digestive system. This means that a person can conveniently get access to all the vitamins in a single administration.

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Multivitamins also save on time. Imagine a person going all the way to the supermarkets or grocery stores to look for vitamin enriching food. There is also that part of preparing the food, which might involve washing, and even at times cooking. Multivitamins save a person all this agony by providing the person with all the required nutrients, all in one administration. The levels of consumption are also well measures in that the person gets the right amount of nutrients they need.

Various multi vitamins are also enriched with antioxidants. These substances are used to counteract harmful free radicals in the body. These antioxidants are important in dealing with health complications that come with ageing. Issues like strokes, carcinomas, heart diseases, gout and other diseases that come with aging can be dealt with by the use of antioxidants. When our cells respire, they use oxygen and release carbon dioxide. Unknown by many people is that in conjunction with carbon dioxide, free radicals are also released which are then deposited on the blood vessels. These harmful free radicals cause a conformational change in the lipids in the body, from high-density lipids to low-density lipid. Low-density lipids include cholesterol. Deposition of the cholesterol on the lumen of blood vessels causes narrowing of the vessels (vasostenosis) and hence occluding the vessels. This leads to increased blood pressure and reduced perfusion in the tissues since there is no time for the association between blood and the peripheral tissues. This, therefore, causes hypovolemic and ischemic shock and fainting. When the occlusion is done in or around the great vessels near the heart, heart failure is developed. This can actually cause death if not attended to promptly. Therefore, use of multivitamins enriched with antioxidants is very important to offset these conditions (Tardif, et al. 363 ).

Multivitamins enriched with antioxidants can also be used to skin cancer due to damage of the skin mosaic and integrity as a result of exposure to free radicals. In the eyes, retinal damage can also be caused by exposure to free radicals that circulate in the air, which occur due to sunlight and air pollution. The corneal and retinal cells are damaged, leading to detachment of the retina. This will eventually lead to the development of cataracts and therefore the development of an impaired visual ability. Multivitamins can, therefore, save a person from such unfortunate circumstances.

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Multivitamins are very convenient and reliable. If getting from the right pharmaceutical company, they contain all the vitamins and beneficial inclusions, all which are provided in recommendable amounts. Most practices done by human being unawares kill nutrients and render a diet less beneficial. Some practices are just a norm and therefore people end up doing them repeatedly. Such practices include overcooking of food. This leads to the killing of some food nutrients, especially vitamins. If such situations, the person is in high need of multi vitamins since prolonged overcooking will cause the deficiency of some nutrients in the end, which may cause health fatalities.

Due to increased use of pesticides and excessive use of artificial fertilizers among farmers, soil degradation levels have skyrocketed. In addition, it is common to factories and other industrial premises pouring chemical waste products on the soil. In urban areas, especially in the informal settlement areas where congestion is always exhibited, there is a tendency of building weak and incompetent sewerage systems. This causes soil pollution when the pipes burst and the contents are released on the soil. In addition, the increased establishment of big heaps of compost pits and disposal areas has compromised the nutrients level of the soil. Therefore crops that grow in these polluted areas or the neighboring areas do not obtain the required nutrients from the soil due to soil degradation and deterioration. Incidences such as flooding, soil leaching and soil erosion also contribute to this. The plants, therefore, do not contain the right micro nutrients that are supposed to be in them Consumption of the agricultural products from these areas, therefore, leads to the deficiency of the nutrients in the end. Micronutrients can, therefore, be important when leaving in such areas. They will ensure one gets the right nutrient intake and amount regardless of the geographical setting.

Multivitamins also come in different specific forms that are aimed at meeting the specific needs of a user. In pregnant women and old people, there is always a surge in their requirements for nutrition. In pregnant mothers, it is because they are feeding to human beings with the dietary intake of one person. Just as the mother, the fetus needs to have sufficient nutrition. During the first trimester, when the organs of the fetus are starting to develop and the metabolic processes are starting to increase, pregnant mothers are advised to take multivitamins to avoid any cases of deficiency. This is because any form of deficiency may be fatal not only to the mother but also to the fetus especially in organogenesis and development of the nervous system. It prevents the development of neural tube defects in the fetuses (Mulinare, Cordero, Erickson and Berry 3142). In addition, women who are yet to be pregnant are advised to take multivitamins. This is because the folic acid found in it is very essential in the prevention of breast cancer; a carcinoma that has been highly prevalent in women of late. Apart from breast cancer, colon cancer can also be prevented by use of multivitamins. In old people, their metabolic processes require the support of a very competent diet and a goods digestions system. This is because they are vulnerable to many health risks. Unfortunately, these people cannot meet these demands since they have reduced gut motility, digestion is weakened and they generally have a reduced gut motility and absorption. Therefore, they do not obtain the necessary nutrients required to support their increased demand to offset their vulnerability. In such cases, multivitamin come in handy to fill up the nutrient gap (El-Kadiki and Sutton 871).

Multivitamins come in handy especially in cases where meat and poultry are taken in large amounts. Meat and poultry may contain harmful hormones, which pose danger to human beings. These hormones cause a reduction in the nutrient level of the dietary intake. Such cases, in the end, may also cause nutrient deficiencies leading to the development of conditions related them.


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Multivitamins are so easy to take and do not require medical practitioners follow up to ensure that the dosage is met. Most of the multivitamins come in tablets or capsules that are sweet. The difference between these tablets and capsules and the pharmacological ones is that the latter is mostly bitter. This makes multi vitamin tablets pleasant to take. In this way, one is able to observe the daily intake well and therefore extract the most profitability out of their usage.

Multivitamins come in a variety of prescription. There are those that are taken daily, those that are taken weekly and those that have a monthly prescription. Their prescriptions help the user to choose the best suiting one as they also come at different prices. The cheapest of them all is the daily prescription. This is because it involves a more cumbersome observation where one has to ensure that they have taken daily. In addition, it has fewer nutrients compared to the weekly and monthly ones. The nutrient value is just enough to ensure a daily nutrient requirement is met. Therefore, multi vitamins help people to make a choice on the prescription they make in relation to their life engagements, schedules and financial ability.

Multivitamins are also easy to get as they do not involve a lot of red tape, bureaucracy and caution as it is when handling pharmacological medication. They are over the counter medical preparations, which have easy instructions. Actually, some people only need to learn about multivitamin supplements from the television and other media advertisements. However, caution should be taken when learning about multivitamin supplements from the social media. They can be way exaggerated. It is therefore just advisable to consult an expert in the field before use or seek advice from the supplement storekeepers.

Multivitamins usually have very rare cases of adverse side effects. As long as the doses are met, no overdose is done and a consistency in their intake is observed, it is always safe to use them. When under multi vitamin supplements one should be keen to refrain from using mega-doses. This can be done by avoiding highly fortified food after taking supplements.

The effect of multivitamin supplements is always quick and easily noticeable. Notably, body builders are fond of using these supplements before going to a competition. In normal cases, it takes around three weeks to one month for people to experience change. Coupled with good exercise, supplements are so multi vitamins are so efficient for people who want to build up faster without the use of steroids. These multi vitamins also enable people who want to gain muscle mass to get rid of the unnecessary and unwanted fat. They increase metabolism of the body leading to breaking down of the fats to release energy used in training. Additionally, multi vitamins facilitate the utilization of proteins in the body and converting them into muscles. They help the cells of the body to split up and hypertrophy after exercise at a faster rate than normal. This ensures that the muscles mass increases greatly over a short period, especially if the dose is kept constant. Lastly, the multi vitamins facilitate production of growth hormones and insulin, useful factors in increasing height and lean body mass (VINTURIS).

Therefore, there is no doubt that multi vitamins have a very wide range of advantages.

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