Question 1

Having the MBA degree in today’s corporate world is one of the gates to outstanding opportunities in the finance sector. Due to the changes in thus field of business and increased competition, companies opt to employ workers who have done an MBA course from the best colleges in the United States. This is due to the fact these graduates are able to switch in careers within the finance field. In investment banking, a degree in MBA is one of the basic requirements. In addition, attending a business school and acquiring an MBA helps in moving u the ladder and switching from one firm to another. Investment bankers are vital figures in financial markets in the United States; this is due to the fact that they are engaged in nearly all bulky financial transactions such as the initial public offerings, mergers and possessions and any other securities assistance. With the above knowledge in my mind and my current position at the military, am aware that only a degree in MBA can and will be the key to my success as an investment banker. I have a vision that five years from now I will have acquired an MBA that will be a significant boost to my future plans in the investment banking. This is a long term goal and for this reason, I am willing to put my commitment to this course. This will include securing a GI Bill to support my MBA funds. My persistence in the military is a superb example to show how disciplined I am in my field of work. The Core military skills about general leadership, taking initiative, planning of tasks and taking care of the people in the community that I have acquired are extremely rare to find in the business field. Therefore, I will have an added advantage in pursing an MBA. My immediate goals in the profession will be achieved by the use of resources and time at school. These include such as joining the alumni club so as to get in touch with an individual who have to succeed in this field. My post-MBA term goals will be achieved by ensuring that I land to a one of the best banking investment firm in the United States.


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The video on Colombia community is a perfect reason as to why I should join this school. In the video, applicants are showed some of the reasons as to why they have every reason to apply for a degree at Columbia business school. One of the most vital aspects of this school is the cluster system. This system starts enable students to embrace community building, the cluster system starts in the beginning of the MBA course in the first year of a student. This system is made up of people who are from different regions in the world. For this reason, these students bring different a variety of issues on the table due to their different backgrounds. This is an implication that by the time one is through with the MBA course wide range information on all aspects of business will be gathered; this is healthy especially for my future career either as an investment banker. The fact that this school is situated in New York is strategic to job opportunities as it is an advanced city in the United States. Other factors that would trigger me to join this school are the socializing aspect between students; in addition, the professors are extremely cooperative with the students thus creating a learning environment that shapes one’s future. Finally taking an MBA course in school guarantees one a positive payback, this is evident as most of alumni of this university are individual who are of high profile especially the area of investment banking which I am interested in.

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