Executive Summary

The marketing plan for Antic Telecommunication covered the next four years. It was designed by top-level managers to help outline the overall direction of the company mainly by analyzing its growth potential as well as the need for its expansion.

In fact, the company has been in operation for the last six years. Nevertheless, some of its policies in pricing sectors as well as its strategy relating to the overall branding of its products have made Antic Telecommunication become a household name within the New York and California residents. Moreover, its desire to merge with Windstream Corporation has also excited not only its founder but also potential customers in areas which it previously did not cover. Furthermore, with the positive perception of its products, the company is expected to be at an advanced growth stage within these coming four years.

The Business and Its Challenges

Antic Telecom was founded six years ago by Anthony Smith and Jack Rodwell, who formed a long-term friendship during their time at the university. Smith graduated with a degree in marketing, and Rodwell gained a degree in telecommunication engineering; thus, they decided to continue their long history of friendship by combining their two different fields of knowledge to form Antic Mobile Telecommunication Company.

Antic, as a company, reflects the basic notions of engineering and marketing. The company’s main area of business is both networks as well as mobile money transfer services using a cellphone. With the slogan “Get Connected in everywhere you Go”, the company offers a wide range of both corporate and private internet connections as well as mobile money transfer.

The company is currently providing their services in small-scale retail outlets in New York and California areas. With the revolution in mobile telephony and the emergence of a smartphone, there is a huge demand for network both aimed for cooperation and private usage. In fact, this demand-driven opportunity has helped the company to turn the public attention to the network business. As a result, the smartphone has revolutionized the life of most Americans so that nowadays the majority of people use their cellphone to perform almost all their daily transactions, thereby making the company introduce mobile money service. Americans can now use their cellphone to transact and pay their bills in the comfort of their homes.

The core goal of Antic Telecom is to make sure that everyone has access to the fastest network connection at lower cost. With various existing companies providing services at a very high cost, Antic is violating this norm through offering the fastest and realizable connection at an affordable cost.

The company’s mission is that everywhere one goes, they should feel connected. Antic communication is putting efforts into insuring that even the smallest business or an individual who lives outside the city feel part of the whole technological world.

The Market

Antic Telecom’s main customers include small corporate companies as well as individuals by providing the fastest connection in their apartments. However, to achieve this, it has developed strategies to overcome some threats posed by telecommunication giants in New York and California such as Verizon Inc. Therefore, Antic Telecommunication aims to merge with Windstream Telecom which was also founded in 2006 to expand its services to the rural areas where the company has a huge customer base.


The two main customers of Antic Telecom are small corporate companies and private individuals.

Small Corporate Companies

With technology changing the overall way of business management in New York, young entrepreneurs are taking this advantage to aid in creating employment through the establishment of businesses. It means that demand for connection as well as transaction requires the expansion of services of Telecom Company. However, this creates an opportunity for Antic Telecom to make their service suitable for this new demand-driven society. One of the major challenges to young businesses is that the operational cost is high, thereby causing the failure of most of the company before even celebrating their first birthday. Hence, with low-cost network connections created by Antic, this high cost incurred by small corporate businesses will not be experienced again.

However, in an attempt to effectively meet their needs, Antic provides a favorable bundle taking into account needs of organizations. Thus, these corporations are offered tailor-made services grounded on their business need.

Private Individuals

The individual need for services offered by Antic Telecom is hard to underestimate. The reason is that people need the internet for research purposes as well as mobile money service to settle their bills in various stores they visit.

As compared with corporate companies, Antic provides a bandwidth and offers to subscribe to it at a very low cost as well as provide mobile money method for a very small fee as compared to the ordinary Apple Wallet. By offering network bandwidth, most of people will not be worried anytime they leave the apartment since they will be capable of accessing the internet even if they are on the move.

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Company Analysis

The whole idea of Antic Telecom marketing represents a lot of opportunities both in the corporate and private world. However, challenges the telecommunication industry in the US poses cannot be underestimated. Owing to account that the founders of the company are a marketer and engineer, it can successfully meet these challenges.

From the above-mentioned information, SWOT analysis presents the position of Antic Telecom in the market. In its quest for more markets and new opportunities, it is mainly dependent on its strong foundation base; its tailor-made products combined with proper financial management put the company on a positive road toward growth. Although the merger with Windstream is in the pipeline, Antic has to be very careful since expansion leads to a reduction in the quality of services offered, while the customer base will be very large and hard to serve effectively. As a result, the company has to be aware of major competitors in the telecom market since they might be tempted to join this new aspect of mobile money services. However, to overcome this, Antic Telecom has to develop strong bond with its customers as well as make use of the weaknesses of its competitors so that it can overcome all their threats.

SWOT Analysis of Antic Telecommunication


Due to the fact that Antic Telecommunication has relatively recently joined this field of business, their market base in not large enough to cover huge areas or most states in urban or rural areas of the US. Therefore, this means that it needs a well-established firm which understands the market very well. For the past seven months, negotiation between Antic and Windstream Telecommunication has been in top gear. Windstream was founded by Alltel’s wire line division, and it operates ten years in the telecommunication business while serving over 29 states in rural areas. Thus, a merger between these two firms automatically helps Antic Telecommunication to expand its customer base that in turn enables it to improve its profitability.


There are several telecommunication firms that are already in operation in the US market. However, the main competitor of Antic Telecommunication is Verizon. It is the second largest telecom company after AT&T Inc in the US market which operates in over ten states, including New York. Apparently, this gives it a huge customer base compared with Antic. However, one of the weaknesses of this company is the poor quality of its products. In fact, they do not fit the demand of the customer since they do not aim to meet their actual needs, which Antic has addressed very well. With most of Verizon customers opting to try the new services offered by Antic Telecom, Verizon has not been very happy with their latest move that lowered the internet charges and awarded customers additional bonus on top of their original subscription. However, this has impacted to some extent on the operation of Antic Telecom.

Verizon has been in the market for a long period as compared with Antic; it operates in over ten states that include major states in the US like Delaware, New York, and Virginia. Thus, this has granted them with a larger customer base that translates into more profitability. From this profit base, Antic has not been capable of retaliating to the pricing cutting policy to its customers in New York, which Verizon has already employed in New York market. In general, the financial strength of Verizon has been used in the play to overcome the impact and threats posed by its competitors.

Business Climate

With regard to Telecommunications Act of 1996 of the USA, one of its objectives was to encourage an environment that stimulates innovation as well as investment in the broadband technology. Thus, Antic Telecom has used this objective to marshal its resources in trying to encourage more innovation and investment with its unique mobile money services, which it is currently offering to Americans. Moreover, the broadband technology is being included in its mission. Consequently, by the end of 2022, all Americans will welcome this kind of technological services.

In the economic field, surveys indicate that Americans are most frequent buyers in various stores they visit. Apparently, this buying pattern means that they need to carry their money all the time. Thus, this was the key reason for Antic to include the mobile money services in its main services of internet provider.

Americans are known for their societal trends as well as their tastes with regard to new things; hereby, with the modern internet era, all Americans are able to experience the impact of the internet. However, the challenges they face are high internet cost both in connection as well as general subscription of the bandwidth. Thus, this is what drives Antic to provide low-cost and reliable connection for the users.

With the innovation of smartphone technology, a lot has been revolutionized both in the way people think and act. The smartphone has provided people with the second “brain” since most people are currently dependent on it since they virtually do everything using it, from watching movies to reading news and even performing transactions. That is why Antic Telecom decided to make use of this new technological development to launch its products.


In fact, with the internet a lot can be done in form of creating more job opportunity to the Americans. The internet plays a crucial role in opening markets as well as providing information about other existing markets. Thus, more investors should become involved in this wide market of telecommunication since there are a lot of areas which are necessary to cover. Although the Telecommunications Act of 1996 of the USA requires one to harmonize with the regulatory treatment to compete for broadband, this has not been so due to the idealistic profit companies that see profits as the overall target disregarding unfulfilled objectives.


Antic offers internet services satisfying the demand of the corporate businesses and individuals. Apparently, this has been of great benefit to various customers who access their services since they are mainly dependent on the internet bundles they deem suitable for them.

With regard to pricing of its products, it is grounded on the demand and the usage of the service, in other words, its pricing is “Pay as You Use”. In fact, this policy is very beneficial to the customers since it minimizes wastage of the resource.

From the offer, the majority of individual users tend to lead the pack as compared with the corporate businesses since pricing policy of “Pay as You Use” suites them very well with regard to their budgets.

One of the main goals of Antic is to make Americans feel connected everywhere they are. Hereby, the main reasons for tailoring its product and devising this kind of pricing policy were to help improve the customer base as well as enhance connectivity in general.

Currently, Antic sets these entirely tailored bundles through putting them in various subcategories; a plan is to make this service a self-selection priority through the use of USSD codes.

The key advantage is that Antic is offering tailor-made products. Moreover, it offers various pieces of advice relating to related areas and how to fully enjoy these services.

Communication Plan

A website is a key to reaching customers both new and existing ones; thus, Antic communication is currently using its website to inform customers of the existing as well as future offers.


From the above analysis, the main aim of Antic Telecom is to create more connections by bringing more people on board. One of its distribution strengths is that its services include bundles relating to the needs of the company offered in all its outlets within the states of New York as well as California. Therefore, in these outlets, customers register to subscribe to various bundles that fit their needs.

Pricing Plan

Logically, Antic Telecom offers products grounded on a pricing policy known as “Pay as You Use.” The system allows the customer to subscribe to bandwidth taking into account the sum of money they have in their accounts or they wish to spend on buying these services.


From the above policies, it is evident that Antic Telecommunication does not need huge budgeting. However, areas like promotion are allocated $75000, expenses on additional personnel total $130000, and research requires $100000.


Even though telecommunication market is full of players, a lot is still needed to help it fully grow to its peak. It is vital to design policies in such a way that they not only provide profit but also satisfy the customers’ needs and desires.


  • Merger leading to poor quality of services
  • Limited Cash flow since Antic is only 6 years old


  • Strong Foundations
  • Tailored Products
  • Sound Financial Management


  • Large competitors like Verizon
  • Customer Relationship


  • Tailored Product
  • Cheap and Reliable Products


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