Rajan (2005) defines juice as a natural liquid contained in the fruits and vegetables commonly used as a beverage. Fresh fruit juice is extracted from fruits squeezing them by the help of juicers. The pulp is then sieved off from the juice in some cases, while in other cases, like in the making of orange juice, high pulp content is preferred.

The fresh fruit juice extraction does not involve any heat or solvents and hence customers are bound to enjoy full nutritional value since the delicate vitamins and other nutrients in the fruits which are easily damaged by heat and solvents are preserved adds Rajan (2005). The customers will also enjoy an additive free beverage, which does not offer any health challenges after use.

The fresh fruit juice has a very refreshing effect. It cools the body and quenches the thirst especially in the hot sunny days when hot beverages become less esteemed. The fresh fruit juice, as the product, is like the heartbeat of my business, since without it, all the other elements are useless.

This fruit juice business will call for the setting up of a place of reference. I intend to set up a juice bar Douglas & Hubert (2010). This juice bar will be the principal selling point. It will have different compartments for different activities. One section will be serving for as the production area, where all the machines and equipment involved in the extraction of the juice will be kept. It will also have two stores, one for the fruits, and another for the already extracted fruit juice. The latter will have fridges, deep freezers and both will be kept under strict hygiene to avoid contamination of the fruits or the juice. There will be a third section for sales. Lastly, shades will be erected in the surrounding area to cater for those customers who wish to enjoy their juice at the premise.


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This forms the principal operations area, where all transactions and planning for the business will be carried out. We plan to offer good services in order to attract the best prices. Hygiene is a very important element for the business as clearly stated by and, therefore, frequent cleaning and disinfecting the premise is a requirement in Douglas et al (2010), keeping at bay germs, flies and rodents. We intend to use disposable cups for packaging purposes. Music shall be provided, for those who intend to enjoy their juice in the premise. Above all, we recognize that high-quality fruits and a constant supply of the same will translate to high-quality juice. For us to be able to offer constant supply, we seek to put a price of 1$ for a 500ml juice. The other segment that may need home delivery will be charged a minimum of an extra 20 cents per delivery depending on the distance from the place of work. Our prices determine the profitability and continuity of our business and, therefore, it will be our duty to maintain high standards of service that will give us an edge in the market.

We intend to promote the business in various. Knowing well that advertisement is the key to getting people know about our services and products as suggested by Douglas et al (2010). We are going to clearly label the juice bar and put a sign board with a summary of the products and services we shall be offering. We are also designing posters fires and brochures, which are less capital intensives, which when distributed, will also reach many people invoke awareness and interest for our juice bar. Once the first customers come, we intend to give the best quality products and services which will also sell the business through referrals. Moreover, we intend to contact much more people through the social media, especially, facebook, twitter, and email groups.

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