Mahatma Gandhi was the preeminent Indian leader who fought against racism in South Africa; also, while leading freedom movement in India, he inspired human rights, non-violence, and freedom fights across the world (Mahatma Gandhi, 2010). Desmond Tutu and Mahatma Gandhi, both are similar in many qualities and nature.

Social Intelligence and Leadership is a short YouTube video published by the Harvard Business Review featuring the psychologist, the author, and an expert in social intelligence-Daniel Goleman. In this video, Goleman talks about the difference between emotional and social intelligence, and how they affect organization and leaders.

According to Goleman (2008), emotional intelligence refers to how people handle themselves. It is related to self-mastery. Self-awareness and regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skill are important factors which are important in developing emotional intelligence. It creates the successful individual. However, when it comes to leadership, one’s success depends on a total team effort of members of a company. For that, you need to influence, interact and motivate the other members. That’s the social intelligence ability. It requires empathy and great interaction skills.

Goleman (2008) points out that emotional and social intelligence are closely related. Rapport is one of the significant sign of social intelligence. It creates the great leaders. Often it turns out that we fail to judge own abilities, in such cases, other people help us. By getting better at listening to others, and by helping them to develop, one can enhance leadership quality. It emerges beneficial to the whole organization.

In the end part, Goleman (2008) explains how many companies are integrating emotional and social intelligence at work place. By recruiting staffs with such qualities, these companies are creating a revolution in professionalism and becoming successful.


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