While momentum is the force or speed of a body movement in Physics, it can be described as the energy and efforts applied by an individual towards achieving his or her dream career. It is the sum of both physical and psychological energy applied towards achieving a particular career. It entails focus, determination, persistence, perseverance, consistence and dedication./p>

The first step in building and maintaining momentum towards a career dream is choosing a suitable career. This is done by evaluating one’s strengths, weaknesses, capabilities, and ambitions. Then get inspiration from colleagues and professionals in the career dream. This will enable one to know what is expected in the career.

Training is essential in achieving any career dream. It helps expand one’s knowledge and skills and is done by enrolling in a formal training program or by reading books and getting information from the Internet. Apart from reading notes and textbooks from the Internet, individuals can also sign up to various user groups and special interest groups. This enables participation in career monthly meetings and building of professional networks.

Career seminars are a rich source of information when building a career momentum. Information regarding local career seminars can be got from local newspapers and magazines while online seminars got from online classified services such as Craigslist. Seminars help individuals to know the current and emerging trends in a career dream and network with professionals in the field.

Paying attention and emulating people whom one admires in a career helps him or her learn more not only career wise but also the efforts to put to attain career dreams. This is done by visiting their online profiles, reading their articles, following them on social networking sites, watching their clothing, and listening to their speeches.

An individual must set clear and specific annual career goals and work hard towards achieving them. To maintain the momentum, he or she must reflect on his/her achievements towards the set goals and update his/her resume while working hard towards meeting the remaining goals.


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