Human behavior manifests itself in different personal traits of individuals. This may be affected by the environment and hereditary factors. In this presentation, I want to illustrate some aspects of the broad concept of human behavior.

I am a Business Major student, so. joining the class was not easy as it was a totally new experience. In order to be fully acquainted with the class activities, I had to employ some tricks to fit into the new environment. Firstly, I quietly observed every activity going on with steadfastness and interest. Being on my own I tried to repeat the activity actions. After some time, I decided to join the activity no matter who carried it out. Later, I gained the courage to do things by myself with confidence and certainty. This is how I applied role taking technique from Sociology class.

An individual can reasonably establish the facts analyzing an issue. In my case, sometimes I found myself at loggerheads with other people due to my beliefs. I challenged some in-class and outside the class rules. I usually want to analyze some situations and establish the practicability of some matters. In some cases, I find that certain issues under certain social settings may have no reasonable basis. In such cases, I apply my own methods based on my analyses.

Using sociological imagination in my daily analysis of social events I have spent a lot of time on the assigned readings connected to social change, the factors leading to the continuity of a society, and the general process of social integration.

Human behavior is complex and unique. It may be partially influenced by social forces. In some rare cases, individuals may defy the odds to define their own behavioral traits and act according to their personal instincts.


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