I bet that you, dear reader, at least once in your life thought:” Is my breath OK or it’s better for me not to talk to anyone?” The research, undertaken by CleanSweep, had shown that 25% of people think that a bad breath makes the person totally unattractive. Even more, 6 out of 10 people wouldn’t pursue any relationship with a person with a stale breath. Moreover, it is our tongue that is an ideal ground for bacteria, as they prefer warm moist and airless space. And the microbes that live in the mouth are anaerobic ones, those causing an unpleasant smell by products of their vital activity. It has been proved by Australian Institute of Dental Health that 90% of bad breath is caused by bacteria and specks of food left on your teeth and tongue. Using a toothbrush does not remove all bacteria and tommy residues in oral cavity. As a result, this can actually damage the soft tissues on the tongue’s surface.

Of course, we don’t say, that to have a fresh breath you have to stop eating for food specks not to leave in your mouth! There’s a simple solution of a bad breath problem – a new product of Davis Healthcare Company: CleanSweep.

What is the CleanSweep? It is the way to remove bad breath and to make your teeth white and healthy. The CleanSweep removes stains on a tongue, caused by red wine and other colored food. It also makes it minty fresh and removes the unpleasant smells caused by cigarettes, garlic, coffee etc. CleanSweep is much more efficient than a common toothbrush, that cleans the only smooth surface of teeth and eliminates only a tinge of all bacteria. CleanSweep has gentle bristles that sweep away bacteria and small parts of food in small crevices of the tongue. 90% of the focus group said that bed breath problems had gone away. Peter Madgic, Davis Healthcare CEO: “The CleanSweep is a brand new word in stomatology. CleanSweep is a patented product. It is a result of five-year research and development by Davis Healthcare laboratories.” The CleanSweep saves your money: each unit lasts for six months. But point it out, that this product does not replace your usual hygiene processes of brushing and flossing, it only complements them.


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