Discrimination of the disabled occurs when individuals with healthy bodies are perceived higher and better or when the disabled are denied their rights just because they are handicapped. The 1990 Act of Americans with disabilities revealed that 43 million citizens with disabilities were continually discriminated, and no legal action was taken against their oppressors. The social work profession has been seen as the only profession concerned with individuals facing oppression and discrimination in society.

The concept of discrimination of people with disabilities has been present throughout the history. In the ancient times, disabled people were thought to be possessed by evil spirits. For instance, the Spartans left the young and old disabled individuals to die. The followers of Judaism believed that disability was a form of punishment from God. In the 19th century, disabled individuals were perceived threatening and unacceptable. Social work institutions caring for the disabled adopted a policy of separation often in very unfavorable conditions.

The article relates to the death of an autistic patient who was locked in a van which belonged to the institution from which he was receiving care. It is mentioned in an article that the driver locked the man in the van and went on to finish his shift. He was dumb, and it is believed that he died from the high temperatures in the back of the van. Just like it was years before, the disabled are seen as a nuisance; hence, they are isolated. One of the care givers returned his fellow patients to the institution and left him in the car; this is one more incident that demonstrates that the disabled are discriminated against even in professional work settings. According to the article, the driver locks him up in the van, since the man cannot talk, thereby abusing his rights.


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