Question 1

Gothic genre is the literature which blends the components of horror and romance. It has been in existence for a very long time now. It is characterized by a peculiar protagonist who often faces a series of ordeals. He becomes a victim of a powerful force which subjects him to lots of sufferings. Because of this, he is forced to lead a solitude life in which he wonders from place to place. This is what was experienced by Young Goodman Brown. Besides, this genre involves a tyrant who imposes oppressive rules to the vulnerable groups within the territory. These are subjected to lots of injustices. For instance, Rappaecini’s daughter had to endure discriminative puritan doctrines. Lastly, gothic is set in a castle, monastery or any other religious edifice. This enables it to incorporate spiritual belief such as evil and the super natural who has control over everyone.

Question 2

Nathaniel Hawthorne is linked to the Salem Witch trials. First, he contributed to the writing of gothic literature which questioned the 19th-century American society. Besides, he has a blood relationship to one of the judged who presided in these trials. He was a grandson to John Hathorne who is believed to be the only judge who never repented his involvements in this trial.

Question 3

This movie extensively mentions Nathaniel Hawthorne, Emily Dickinson and Herman Melville as the main authors involved in this genre. Nathaniel does this by asking thought provoking questions which sought answers regarding human perverseness, anxieties and destinies. These were instrumental in understanding how the social changes in this community influenced the lives of people.

Question 4

The writings of these authors centered in shedding more light on the dark side of humanity. This helped to understand how the actions in the 19th century caused anxieties in America. There was an anxiety on how to apply Puritan traditions in the society.

Question 5

Pessimistic discusses the novel better than any other text I have read. It gives an exhaustive coverage by critically analyzing all aspects of the text. This reveals more truth and helps viewers to understand the otherwise complicated book.


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