I have never heard of Monsanto before; I have no idea how powerful it is and I also have no knowledge of what GMO is. Throughout this quarter, I obtained knowledge of how Monsanto is poisoning food and how GMO is harmful to human health. Genetically modified foods have great negative impacts on human and animal consumptions. It is so important to me that I have read Seeds of Destruction and viewed The World According to Monsanto in this class. From Seeds of Destruction, I noticed that the main company that was pushed for the use of genetically modified foods in the United States was Monsanto (Engdahl 4). Also, Monsanto battle to genetically engineer and patent the world’s food supply that profoundly threatens our environment, economy, and health; they proficiently play revolving door as their major way of gaining profit. In the future, I will be more careful about what kind of food I eat and also appeal to others to restrain the monopoly of Monsanto. The World According to Monsanto is the in-depth consideration of the dominance of the agricultural company from one of the world’s most powerful and insidious companies.

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Marie-Monique Robin, a French filmmaker, spent about twenty years hearing Monsanto before she set out to comprehend just what Monsanto concerned. Robin posits that perhaps the firm’s past can hint at what the company concerns. Furthermore, “Monsanto initiated out as the world’s largest chemical firm and is accountable for the manufacture of Agent Orange that was used in times of the Vietnam War, bovine growth hormone, aspartame, polystyrene, GE crops and PCBs” (Green). No other filmmaker has created such a damning and compelling case against Monsanto. The other person to come close to revealing the ugly truth of Monsanto’s influence on the world is the author Jeffrey Smith with the book Seeds of Deception.

Monsanto’s leading produce is Roundup. The world’s best-selling herbicide chemical for the past thirty years. Monsanto is the world’s frontrunner in biotechnology with more than ninety percent of genetically improved organisms grown in the world and belonging to the company. Most are improved to resist the introduction of Roundup technology. Roundup Ready Soy Beans contributes for ninety percent of all soybeans produced in the United States. In the year 1974 when Roundup was introduced, the prosperity of the product was certain. This was because of its prerogatives being biodegradable and that products leave soils clean and are conducive for the ecology. Monsanto was found guilty twice of false advertisement. Monsanto has now eliminated the term “biodegradable” from its tag.

Monsanto’s PCBs owns a lethal bequest. Robin interviews people in Pennsylvania who suffered severe health problems from Monsanto’s PCB produced plants. In 2001, twenty thousand residents filed two cases against Monsanto looking compensation for the undesirable impacts of the PCB. Monsanto settled the matter by paying seven hundred million of dollars in order to create a special health hospital, reimburse the victims, and clean the contaminated sites. David Carpenter, the frontrunner expert on the PCBs, highlights how the whole world is now polluted with PCB. They have entered into the air and water.Seventy percent of food in American storages comprises bio-engineered rudiments.

Monsanto’s GMO, perhaps the harvests that are producing most anxiety with activists all around the globe, were only introduced in the year 1996 when their product Roundup Ready Soybeans was accepted for utilization in the United States of America. Today, it is less than twelve years later, and Roundup Ready Soy Beans credits for ninety percent of entire soybeans produced in America. Seventy percent of food in American stores contains bio-engineered rudiments. There is no tagging of genetically improved food in the United States.

As reported in The World According to Monsanto, Monsanto also made the bovine growth hormone trans-genetic hormone inoculated into cows to upsurge milk. Monsanto was intricate in the main bribery Canada scandal over their efforts to bribe Health Canada laborers into overpowering BHG data. Ultimately, Canada did not support the drug for utilization. Moreover, its use has been disapproved by the European Parliament.


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In addition, Monsanto is good at playing revolving door. Michael Taylor functioned for Monsanto as the attorney before he was appointed as the Deputy Commissioner of the US FDA in the year 1991. While at FDA, the power that deals with the entire US food endorsement, Taylor made important decisions that resulted from the sanctions of GE crops and food. Then he reimbursed to Monsanto to become the vice-president of Monsanto. Also, Clarence Thomas is the Supreme Court Justice who worded for Monsanto a few years.

By all ways, the inundation of damning data, strings of political details and the overall threatening tone of the last documentary by the French journalist and the director Marie-Monique Robin, The World According to Monsanto must have endorsed me to sleep. However, it did not. In fact, it maintained my stomach literally agitating. The film reports the beginnings of the firm as a chemical firm in the 1900s producing caffeine, vanillin and saccharin. As we look out Robin Google up unsystematic reports and interview a horde of officials, farmers and scientists, we prove that present Monsanto is a massive multinational company. It is wielding its significant financial, marketing and political clout to impact the government officials and callously sue farmers utilizing patent laws. It is surreptitiously politicizing to keep their possibly toxic products unlabeled or misleadingly advertised. Monsanto asserts their genetically modified sources will resolve the food conflict, particularly in the developing countries where it will offer significant economic paybacks and better yield higher quality.

In order to counterattack the effects of genetically modified foods, there are several ways to avoid this dangerous food. I will make sure the foods I eat are healthy. I will seek to determine the food I take is traditional. Throughout this quarter, I have come to know the effects of genetically modified foods and the implications they can have in my life. Therefore, I will always be careful when purchasing food. They have been proven to be toxic and powerful; therefore, they possess the great danger to human health. With great care and proper selection of the foodstuffs I buy, I will reduce the effects of GMO foods thus reducing the danger posed by them. Lastly, I will appeal to everyone around me to take action to stop the monopoly of Monsanto. We should generate study groups to educate people that if Monsanto regulate seed, they regulate food. It is more influential than bombs, more energetic than guns, and it is the perfect way to regulate the populations of the universe.

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