The author has written the essay in plain language with few grammatical errors. Therefore, the essay is comprehensible and flowing. The author has given the examples which are relevant to the topic. The commercial that presents a lady licking a sandwich in a peculiar manner “With her bra showing, skirt inching up her thighs and her tongue licking the food in a sexual manner”, appears very clearly in my head at the moment. This illustration creates a picture in the mind of how the lady was eating the food. It makes me imagine the beautiful woman in the scene advertising the food in a serene environment. It sticks with me because, as a matter of fact, sex catches the attention of all-age individuals. If something is presented as sexually attractive, it will catch the eyes of all and call for a second look.

There are three opinions/statements that can be argued for or against regarding the essay. Firstly, the author states that there are many commercials, which portray fast foods as a sexual object. The commercials make the food appear like something strongly desired like sex. The propaganda arouses the audience and makes them desire to have the food. This opinion is debatable. It is possible, that the propaganda arouses the audience purchase the product as they think of sex. On the other hand, using such propaganda sometimes makes the audience switch off to emotions and forget about the food itself. The author has convincingly proved that the audience is convinced to like the product more.

Secondly, the author has proved that food is currently associated with lust, sex, social success or popularity. This creates an unhealthy relationship between the fast food and consumers. The author claims that the attitude to the fast food is unhealthy as it portrays the food as something more than just the energy source. Using popularity to advertise food makes it something different from what people know. The food becomes attractive to everyone. However, the attitude of the consumer to the food is not unhealthy. The author does not convince the reader on how unhealthy the attitude is. The author should give examples of how the advertisement negatively impacts the audience. For instance, advertising chips makes teenagers misuse pocket money to be popular with the students and peers.

Thirdly, the author points out that understanding of food has changed from an energy giving substance to a key to enjoyment. The author adds that this mirage is unreal and illusive. The author regrets that it will never be possible for the American society to take food as a body fuel again. This is true in some way since nowadays people eat for fun and entertainment. On the other hand, taking the mirage as unreal and illusive depends on the reader. The mirage can also be real. The author convinces the reader that this is wrong and regrets it is irreversible.

Before submitting this essay to the lecturer, it is important to check the introduction again; the introduction does not introduce the topic enough. Introducing all ideas that will be discussed in the essay is essential. Additionally, having a thesis statement will make the essay flow perfectly. It is required to make citation in text so that the reader can read the examples later in case of need.


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