Javit Japan company is facing a massive problem whereby two senior managers are in a conflict that threatens to jeopardize the operations of the company. This conflict between Mr. John Koto of the Plastic Division and Mr. Robert Hamada of the synthetic division is thought to have been caused by the cultural differences between the two with other managers and junior staff also taking sides. This necessitated Mr. George Glett to be requested to find out and table a report on the situation leading to their differences and solutions and recommendations.

4 main courses of the conflict are identified in the report. This includes improper recruitment of staff, lack of proper communication between the two senior managers, unclear organization structure and different managerial styles due to their different backgrounds.

Several solutions and recommendations are mentioned in the report.Concerning the problem of improper recruitment of staff, the solution lies in changing the recruitment system from a relation based one to a skill and qualification based one. The report recommends a shift in the recruitment system. About the lack of communication between the managers, the solution lies in accepting and appreciating their differences and enhancing their communication and trust. It is recommended that a weekly meeting between the 2 parties be facilitated in order to enhance their relationship both at a personal level and work level. The solution to difference managerial styles lies in facilitating a meeting between them in order for them to exchange ideas and discuss their objectives for the company and how they plan to achieve them. The commitment between them was recommended. Lastly, the solution to improper organizational structure laid in relocating Mr. Miaymoto, the General Affair Manager, to Mr. Hamada’s division since he is much closer to him.


Conclusively, it is evident that the conflict between Mr. Koto and Mr. Hamada is brewing up a serious division in Javit Japan Company and thus the need to bridge the rift between the two. It is crucial to take note the cultural differences between the two managers as they grew up in different cultures. It is unquestionable that this difference in cultural background resulted in the difference in managerial styles, lack of proper communication as the two cannot understand each other, the difference in recruiting styles and unclear organizational structure.


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The report has also provided solutions to the problems and given recommendations. It is clear that the main solution to improper recruitment is overhauling of the system that focused on the relationship of the recruit to the company staff. The company, however, should incorporate one that is based on skills and academic qualification. It goes without forgetting that the main solution to lack of proper communication between the two managers lies in the two accepting their differences and appreciating each other. They are advised to stop viewing each other as competitors, and it is recommended that the two meet weekly y to enhance their relationship.

It is unmistakable also to conclude that the power distance between Mr. Hamada and Mr. Koto have resulted in the difference in their managerial styles. This has further widened the rift between the two and main solution lies in the two meetings and discussing their styles of management. Additionally, and picking one or two things from each other, s style or even deciding to adopt one would help. The commitment between the two thus plays a key role in bringing an end to this rift. Lastly, the issue of the improper organizational structure must be addressed with the main roles of Mr. Miaymoto clearly communicated to both parties. Since Mr. Hamada and Mr. Miaymoto have a close relation it is strongly felt that he should join Mr. Hamada’s division.

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