Dear employee,

Many greetings to you hoping you are doing fine both with company work and family duties. Following the company’s efforts to implement information technology in most of its operations to efficiently and effectively serve our clients, it is my pleasure and privilege to remind you of the following company policies on acceptable use of the company’s email and text messaging system:


Whereas the company allows transfer of files, images, voice, and chat using electronic mail, user’s Internet Protocol (IP) addresses may be revealed. This might give a malicious user or program the opportunity to concentrate on the system with an intention of cracking it. Other security threats are computer malicious codes such as viruses and worms; they can attach themselves in the company’s contact list and spread as emails and text messages are sent (Records and Information Management Branch – Information Services Division, 2005).

Even though the company has an up-to-date firewall protection, it can easily be compromised especially when using notebooks and systems from home.


The company allows personal use of the electronic mail and text messaging system as long as it does not occur during working hours, is not excessive, and does not bring harm to the company or make it spend excessively. Excessive use results when it interferes with the normal company operations. The company mail or text messaging system should not be used to sell or market products or services that are not related to the company’s business or abuse fellow employees or any other person.

Whereas the company gives all employees the privilege of using the email and text messaging system, it shall revoke it when:

  • Commercial letters and text messages not relating to the company’s business are sent;
  • Employees engage in personal business activities or excessively uses the system;
  • Employees access emails or text messages in which they are not authorized;
  • Employees send company’s emails or text messages without permission;
  • Employees make unauthorized copies of company’s emails and text messages;
  • Employees deliberately propagate malicious programs with the intention of harming the company’s email or text messaging system;
  • Employees send or receive text messages or emails that may Violet the government’s laws and regulations;
  • The email and text messaging system should only be used to attain the Company’s mission;

Message content

Employees should not send email or text message that harasses, threatens, or discriminates against sex, race, or religion. Email and text messages sent or received should be related to the Company’s processes. Employees who violate this policy are either suspended or fired and face the full force of the law.

Access and ownership of email and text messages

The Company has the right to own all information sent or received through its email and text messaging system. It also has the right to monitor all emails and text messages including personal and private ones sent through its system. In this regard, the Company views, downloads, and archives emails and text messages sent or received through its system. Employees should, therefore, be informed that any email or text message received is inspected, monitored, evaluated, and used by the Company.

Employees sending confidential text messages or emails should state so in the message or text or use another system other than the Company’s.

Any email or text message received should not be altered, forwarded, or attachment placed to it without permission from sender. Employees are fully liable for any damages caused as a result of violating the Company’s email and text messaging policy.

For further clarifications or questions on the policy, please contact the head of Information Communication Technology (ICT). We value you as our employees. Thank you for your precious time.

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