Deutsche Brauerei is a corporation that has been passed down to over twelve lineages making it fit in different management practices. Some of which have been straightforward with only involvement in the brewing business. It is one of the most popular companies in Germany in the line of brewing business. It is fascinating how this family business has been able to remain on growth track despite calamities faced it in the past and change of guards at the helm.

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Background Information

This German company over its genealogies has seen several awards being given to its management. Acknowledging, some of the previous wise decisions of the corporation’s board of directors of Deutsche Brauerei. Irrespective of the company being famed as popular in Germany it has had its own share of unscrupulous luck. In 1994, the company had suffered a setback in the brewing business although the set back in the form of fire did not put on hold the company operations. Instead in the same year, the company acquired new machines that enabled it to improve its brew quality and capacity.

Analysis of Each Point

Approval of Financial Plan

In this financial plan, following the precedence of previous asset acquisition makes the future of the German company promising. The financial plan is one to give accent to purchase of new equipments to facilitate improved services of the company. This will come in handy especially with the company seeking venture into new markets. This will increase the company’s net margin in terms of income helping to lead to the improved growth of the company.

The Quarterly Dividends

The company announcing the dividend payable to the shareholders is beneficial to the company itself and owners. For the company, it indicates that the institution has a firm and confident future. It also signifies a stable and growing financial position through the balance sheet. For the shareholder’s, it is beneficial in terms of regular incomes, and as investors of the company, they feel confident about the investment with the company.


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Compensation to the Marketing Manager

This move is intended to help the manager feel appreciated on the efforts on the company operations. In turn, the marketing department plays an enormous role of ensuring the company does not lose its previous niche and expands to new ventures.


I do recommend the financial plan approval should be taken using liberal approach. This will ensure the expansion into new markets and asset acquisition is fast tracked, avoiding the problem of losing the niche to other competitors in the same niche. The quarterly dividend plan should at least be paid annually to help the company finance other viable projects without constrained funds. Also, the bi annual payments will help increase the reservoir fund to cater for future risk.


The Deutsche Brauerei Corporation over the different generational changes in its management has been able to display excellence in management decisions. In addition, the financial performance has been growing despite, the events that have threatened its stability.

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