The stations in Amal area are positioned to form a star topology. The pump station is located centrally-for easy accessibility by all the stations. The stations are located forming a connecting network with distances in between them. The distances between the stations range from ½ a kilometer to 38 km.

A huge visible structure to the South-West, secluded on its own, stands the Veba Oil Operations. The structure of the map shows that these operations are neither connected nor linked to any of the stations. The Veba Oil Operations form a quadrilateral facing the North.

To the extreme South, there is a station number 10 and it is separated by a bridge from station # 9. The distance between the two stations is 24 km. The connection between these two stations seems straight and linear. Station #9 is connected to another station North-West of its position, and that is a station # 2. Between the station # 9 and the station #2, there is a bridge, and the longest distance between any two stations is 38km.

Station # 2 seems to be the central of the lower southern extreme. It is connected to 3 other stations namely, station # 7, station # 9 and station # 4. Stations number 7 and 4 are equidistant from the station number 2. Station # 7 is located south-west of station # 2, while station number 4 is located south-east of station number 2; both stations each have a distance separation of 7km from the station number 2. Initially, the path leaving station # 2 for station # 9 sets station number 9 in the middle of the stations 7 and 2, but after the bridge, the pathway changes, and eventually station # 9 is located south-west of the station # 2 just like the station number 4.

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Station number 2 connects directly to the pump station. Between the station # 2 and the pump station, there is a total distance of 8 ½ km. Four other stations are directly connected to the pump station. The shortest distance leads to station #1 and it is ½ a kilometer. Station number 1 is located south-west of the pump station and north-west to station #2.

The distance between station # 3 and the pump station is 9km. Station number 3 is located to the east of the pump station. According to the map, station # 3 might as well be the only station located to the east of the pump station since the other stations are situated on the extremities of either side.

Station number 8 is located to the west of the pump station with a spacing of 13km from the pump station. Station # 5 also has a distance of 13km from the pump station but it is located upwards to the northern hemisphere of the pump station. Station # 5 is connected to the station # 6with a distance of 8 ½ km. Station number 6 is located to the north east of the pump station.

With the positioning of the stations and the varying distances from the pump station, it is safe to draw a conclusion that the 68 producing wells are located near the pump station. These wells get service easily and hence should be located within the station number 1, 2, 3, 5, and 8. This is because these stations either are located near to or have an easily accessible route to the pump station.

The 74 wells that need maintenance can also be located in the stations near the pump station, – stations # 1, 2, 3, 5, and 8. The reason the wells need maintenance might be overused since they get shared by more than the originally assigned number of stations.

The longest distance between any two stations in Amal field is between the stations # 10 and # 6. They do not connect directly thus increasing the distance. If you are to leave station # 6 for station # 10, it will take a total distance of 92km and the route passes through the pump station via stations # 5, 2 and 9.

The 78 wells that have been out because of low production rate need lifting and well stimulation for the rate of production to increase again. A lot of gas has been extracted from the formation thus decreasing the production rate. The underground formation of may have been “tight”, making the movement of petroleum up the formation very difficult and slow thus insufficient produce comes out of the wells.


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Gas Loop

Gas loop connection is a closed loop, a circuit like structure. The stations are well connected with each other hence there is an easy accessibility and communication. The gas stations can support each other and share resources and materials easily.

Station # 1 is located near the power plant and has 2 compressors located within it. The 2 compressors in station # 1 have a combined power output of 7.8 MMFCD.

Station # 2 is located to the south of station # 1 with a distance of 7km between the two stations. There are 6 compressors in this station. The gas outlet from this station given out by these compressors is 29.5 MMFCD. The gas outlet obtained from the station # 2 at any time taken from two random compressors will always be higher than that given out by the station # 1.

Station number 3 is located to the north-east of the power plant and station # 1. The DIA line from the station # 1 does not reach the station number 3 directly but connects with the line from the station # 4. Station # 3 has 4 compressors. The total gas outlet from this station is 22.6 MMCFD.

Station # 4, is located to the southeast of the power plant and the station #1. It does not connect directly with station # 1 but with station number 2. The distance between the stations # 2 and # 4 is 7km, therefore, the distance from station # 1 to station # 4 is 15km. Five compressors are located in this station and the total gas outlet given off is 34.3 MMCFD.

Station # 5 is located to the north-west of the power plant and the station # 1. The distance between the station # 1 and the station number 5 is 15.5km.The number of compressors located in this gas station is 2 with a total outlet of 12.3 MMCFD.

Station # 6 is up North from the station # 1 and the power plant. There is no direct route from the station # 1 to the 6th station. Two routes are possible, that is either via station 5 or via station # 3. The distance between stations number 3 and 6 is 13km. Four compressors are located in this station and they give a total output of 39 MMCFD.

Station number 7 is located down to the South of the power plant and the station # 1. The total distance between stations 1 and 7 is 15km via station number 2. This station has only one compressor and the discharge pressure outlet from this compressor is 7.5 MMCFD.

The gas loop shows the flow of gas from high-pressure surge to low pressure completing a cycle. The compressor outlets table indicates that the injection service suction pressure is 950 psig and the discharge pressure is 2500 psig. This shows that the pressure generated on the output side of the gas containers is high.

There is a liquid drain accumulation between the station number 2 and the station number 4. This drain accumulation joins station # 1 to station # 4. Liquid accumulation in the discharge piping is compensated by the two-phase flow. This is shown between stations 1 and 2 then again station 2 and 4.

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