The consultancy industry is blooming riding in tandem with the ongoing emerging industries. This is based on the fact that management realizes the need for professional advice in a competitive and dynamic business environment. Consultancy businesses are also vulnerable to collapse if they are not established on the right skills. Therefore, skills represent an integral and crucial part of any consultancy firm. Nonetheless, the key to consultancy success lies in the attachment to an area where one holds interests and has prior experience. Consultancy firms can be categorized under the management rubric. This is because; almost all consultancy firms are dedicated to the provision of professional advisory to the top leadership in any organization. From the strengths of the skills provided, there are a number of consultancy areas that this study explores.

In the first column of the provided attachment, the best suiting consultancy firm would be marketing. This is an area that demands strong oral and written communicative skills. Marketing involves alluring the customer to buying what is availed into the market. The customer must be convinced that the product provided is much better than the rival. This entails bestowed listening skills as well to realize the customers’ wants. Marketing consultancy demands teamwork and effective leadership too. Moreover, research and investigation competency are essential in researching the market to determine the best offers and advice to the client.

The skills and strengths in column two best befit a strategic management consultancy firm. This is an area that calls for expedience in research and investigation, prowess in technology, fast critical thinker and professional problem-solving skills.

The third column contains skills and competencies that best describe financial consulting firm. Much of the information communication in such a case requires figuration and writing of procedures. Oral communication is limited. Investigation and research are also essential to such a consulting firm to uncouth fraud in the guise of arithmetical errors. In conclusion, a combination of these skills would decipher a strengthened consultancy group in each of the recommended areas.


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