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From amongst the self-concept that is discussed in the chapter, the two concepts that I believe are imperative for effective interpersonal skills are “self-esteem” and “have the will to change”. I will discuss them one by one.

Self-esteem is the part of the self-concept that involves evaluations of self-worth. High or low self-esteem has a powerful effect on communication behavior (p.67). In this changing economy, communication is very important for growth. I believe this concept to be most important for interpersonal communication because one cannot converse and communicate properly if they do not have a high self-esteem. I would like to give here an example of my friend Tia. She was an introvert and never believed in herself. She was suffering from low self-esteem, but was very intelligent and amongst the top students in the class. But she lacked the exposure because whenever she was asked to speak something, she hesitated and declined. Due to this reason, she could never communicate with her peers. When I realized this, I gave her the confidence that since she is knowledgeable, she has edge over others and can manage to communicate well. She worked on it and today she has a lot of friends and conducts many events. She is able to communicate very well due to the gained self-esteem.

Another important concept is that of having the will to change. As it is rightly mentioned, you can change in many ways, but only if you are willing to put out the effort (p. 77). This is also significant in the changing world because we should be flexible to change with time. If there is some change required, we should change ourselves accordingly so as to become better in communication. I would like to appreciate here my cousin Leon. He always wanted to be a great communicator like his professor, Mr. Tacher. The problem that he faced was that he used to speak too fast, which sometimes others could not comprehend. He worked on this and today he is a much better communicator and is appreciated by his professor as well. He had that will to change and the skill came along.

Though there are several concepts that contribute to the interpersonal communication, I was able to relate these two concepts best to the real life experiences.


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