Journalism is a career that entails a curious mind in order to investigate reports, events, trends, and issues to reach the diverse audience. These audiences range from broadcast, print, and the online targeted public which gets access to information via newspapers, radio, television stations, books, magazines and social networks, such as blogs. Journalism is an interesting career to join because apart from packaging information for mass dissemination, journalists interact with people from different parts of the world with ideographic cultures.

This career is also suitable because it enables journalists to develop skills in editing, photography, design, and writing while executing duties at the field. The other advantage that concerns this career is that journalists gain experience when they cover vast topics due to information is taken from different sources, such as individuals, institutions, governments, business and organizations. In addition, becoming a journalist will pave way for deep knowledge about a society based on cultural aspects that involve entertainment and arts. Journalism is also a unique career in a way that it enables knights of the pen to be pioneers to discover and reveal activities that happen at the roots of the society. Searching for news is carried out through interrogation, which enables journalists to know about the public opinion and welfare.

The significance of this career to the society is evident when journalists expose the grievances of people to government through its channels. Hence, it enables individuals to get help. Generally, journalism is a profession, which ensures that readers and audiences receive reliable and accurate information concerning the main events in society. It entails various activities in order to find topical stories where journalists gather information before they publish in the newspaper, web or magazines. They accomplish this through use of three tools that involves observation, background research, and interview to get effective and relevant news. The other activities that journalists engage in include writing feature stories, hard news, shooting videos, editing, planning events, and checking the validity of information before it goes on air.

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Education should be one of the main achievements to pursue the career related to mass media. Obviously, it is essential to finish university training to gain recognition in most parts of the world. The training in journalism involves technical skills, such as research, shorthand, interviewing, as well as academic knowledge in media ethics, theories and cultural studies. The trends in journalism education and training move to higher educational level by increasing the number of universities worldwide, which offer post-graduate courses. This is one of the reasons I would like to embrace journalism as a career because apart from gaining experience in the field, I can also study further to advance my professional skills.

Careers in journalism require an individual to be fluent in English, develop good writing skills, and study additional courses, such as computer science, sociology and economics, that are relevant to this profession. In some circumstances, one can become successful in journalism when he or she learns a foreign language. This is vital in this career because it enables a journalist to interact with people in a foreign country.

Journalism education is necessary as it widens an individual’s skills to be able to adapt to various activities involved in this career. This implies that without education, not anyone who wants to pursue this career will execute assigned duties in a professional manner. This can further result in a situation where such a journalist fails to counter check the news for facts; hence, it leads to suing of the media organization.

Concerning availability, journalism is an exciting career since it involves the variety of jobs. For instance, individuals in this profession work in huge metropolitan and state newspapers, broadcast stations, and local publications. To fit in this schedule, one has to be flexible, highly innovative, independent, aggressive, and creative. Due to the availability of many media organizations, job placement is easier for individuals who intend to join journalism career.


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