Healthcare promotion activity is of different forms. It aims at encouraging people to take all measures in the prevention of an illness-worsening situation. This practice is aimed at showing people the importance of adopting a healthy lifestyle. This can be utilized for a large range of different initiatives aimed at promoting health activities. It can be acquired from gyms or ordinary newsletters. It is clear that many businesses have adopted and instituted health promotion activities that are remarkably comprehensive (Afemikhe, 2006). There are also those that have added their productivity through savings and a limited number of simplified activities. The most crucial factor is to get started with a clear budget plan that can act as a building foundation of a comprehensive program. In respect to this, the following is an absolute healthcare promotion activity budget.

It is clear that every country wishes to have and provide healthcare services to its civilians at the lowest cost possible. This represents a restrained budget to a group of clinics that aim at giving healthcare services to the communities that are marginalized, poor, and earn the low income. This will also focus on those areas where one has to travel for such long distances before they access health services. The aim of the health care promotion activity is to provide mobile clinics to these areas and people. This will help improve their health together with that of the whole community in general. It will be achieved by ensuring that the medical services are offered at a reduced cost or no cost (Canada. Dept. of Finance, 2009). The distances people cover to the health centers will also be reduced. Families’ and individual health are promoted by the use of the mobile clinics. It is advisable that these promotional activities are of high quality and cost effective. This cost effectiveness in these promotion activities is achieved through a budget that has clear and concise outlines. These outlines should be in line with what is required and the cost that is ought to be considered in the whole promotion process.

Problem Statement

This mobile clinic promotion activity aims at addressing therapy and healthcare promotions for those individuals in the society. In most cases, these people are infected with HIV/AIDS. Women will also be provided with post-natal and pre-natal as well as life-saving vaccinations to infants. Moreover, the children will be provided with various services at a reduced cost. The elderly are also included in the incentive and will be medically checked. This move will be of considerable help to the elderly who are unable to access health services due to long distance and expenses. The nutrition guidance will not be left behind and is triggered by the fact that most diseases are caused by the lack of proper diet observance activities. The message on the nutrition will be aimed at helping people in the society. Moreover, it will make people go out for alternative means that are present in accessing balanced diets and fruits.

The clinic will also provide essential advice on how to live a hygienic life, control and eliminate the contaminated disease. Basic healthcare will be provided by the clinic to all other people in the area who have no access to health care at all (Bigelow, 2009). The main reason that contributes to these levels of equitable access to health care services is due to government spending that is insufficient. This is evident in the developing states as in the developed states such a problem may be caused by persistent struggle. This struggle is normally directed at raising funds to ensure that there is enough to satisfy the large population. It is also directed to offer quality health services to their populations due to increasing demand.

It is advisable that countries should try to come up with policies aimed at giving directives on how to raise funds. These funds should be sufficient to offer quality health services to their citizens. Such policies would ensure that they are involved with spreading the risk in finances to the ill health. Moreover, it insures that the funds raised are used effectively, equally, and efficiently. The mobile clinic services are aimed at covering an area of approximately 200,000 people. Therefore, at least nine clinics need to be deployed by the financing department in order for the promotion activity to be effective (State of Oregon, Dept. of Environmental Quality, 2008). Ninety personnel are expected to be in operation of these mobile clinics. There will be proper equipment where full medical examination and testing will be facilitated to ensure good deliverance of experienced and efficient medical care in every clinic. The clinics will also be in full supply of modern technology.

The Cost Benefit Analysis

In Accordance to the budget, if 15,000 clients manage to pay a fee of $2 per every visit they make to these clinics, revenue of $720,000 would be collected. The total expenses add up to $ 20,200. This would lead to a profit of $699,800. This amount of income can help in the improvement of the clinic services. Furthermore, it can contribute to the development of the anticipated health facilities (Lledo, 2011).

Project Implementation

It is clear that if the government implements the project, it will have fulfilled its wish of providing better, cost effective, and affordable health care services to its citizens. The poverty-stricken areas will be opened, and people will be educated on the feeding behaviors. Moreover, they will have observed proper personal hygiene in those regions. The HIV/AIDS services will provide knowledge on how to cater for these victims. Finally, a healthy notion will be attained towards healthy living and treatment of those diseases that are curable.


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