Life is sacred and must be respected. Drinking and driving break this law of logic as well as the principle of justice. It is unlawful, unethical, and morally wrong to drink and then drive. It can kill the driver and innocent people who were not involved in the fun the driver had drinking alcohol. Therefore, there is no reason to drink and then drive. The consequences and penalties associated with drunk driving defeat all the purposes why we should do this horrifying act. It is not only risky to drive when you are drunk, but also costly. Do you have to drink alcohol? If yes, must you drive when you are drunk?

Having fun and drinking alcohol with friends, family members or alone is acceptable. However, we have to consider some facts before agreeing with this statement. Every thirty minutes one person dies as a result of drunk driving. This means that forty-eight people die every single day. Actually, statistics reveal that more than sixteen thousand lives are lost every year. Many children are left without parents, parents without children or spouses, and others lose sisters, brothers, and so on. Half of the road accidents are caused by drunk driving. Every minute a human being is seriously injured due to this careless mistake (Hanson, 1997).

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A habit is a disease. For some of us, weekends and holidays cannot end without enjoying ourselves and consuming alcohol. Parties and celebrations must have a lot of alcohol to be successful. However, we have to consider tomorrow. Therefore, planning and thinking ahead of our actions is the only solution. Igniting an engine when we are drunk does not only endanger ourselves but also other people who will be using the road. Did you know how much drinking and driving can harm your account? After the drunk driving arrest, a DUI lawyer is the only option to get your freedom back. It is a hard economic time for everyone and that is why we must utilize scarce resources wisely. There is no reason for you to start hiring lawyers for actions which you can avoid.

Every human being is vulnerable as far as drunk driving is concerned. Our parents, spouses, children, brothers, and sisters are victims of drunk driving. Moreover, we are all potential victims. Everyone loves having fun. Drunk drivers risk themselves, you, and me. Therefore, we must unite to fight this monstrous behavior. Stop your friends from driving when they are drunk. Even if they do not appreciate it, do it for the sake of the respect for life, which is sacred. We are all potential victims. Avoid embarrassment, jail, fines, and, most significantly, deaths, and injuries.

It is a fact that alcohol impairs vision. This is one of the reasons why drunk drivers are the main cause of accidents. Additionally, their reasoning capacity is interfered by alcohol. They confuse an approaching vehicle with a car which is slowly moving aside and start overtaking the fist. They end up having a head-on collision with innocent drivers. Such accidents cause massive deaths and sufferings (Hanson, 1997).



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Save lives by remembering your responsibility whenever you are on the road. The first and the most important step is to stay sober. It will ensure that you are safe and you can make sensible decisions. Currently, every person has a cell phone. Let these advanced gadgets be used to save lives. If you are careful, you will automatically note a drunk driver. Try to stop the vehicle. In case the driver is too confused to notice your efforts, simply call the police or local highway department. You do it not as a traitor, but as a life saver. Find the road sign with the number of the road and identify your location. You may save a driver as well as other individuals who can be involved in a potential accident.

Who told you that coffee will correct your visual impairments and make your driving safe? This is a dangerous myth which only increases the number of traffic deaths. It is a fact that coffee keeps you active due to the effect of caffeine. However, there is no evidence that coffee improves sight. Some people claim that “big bodied” people are not affected by alcohol”. This is another myth which should be debunked once and for all. A body size does not make a person resilient or vulnerable. Alcohol is dangerous, and even more dangerous when driving (Hanson, 1997).

Holidays, parties, Christmas and other such occasions make roads more dangerous. It is advisable to avoid driving on these days as much as possible. Whenever you are driving, consider every other driver to be insane and drunk. You are the only sober driver on the road. This calls for perfection and great care. Be totally concentrated on driving. Never drive when you are drunk. Ask somebody to drive instead of you when you drink beyond your limit.

In conclusion, drinking and driving are harmful, unlawful, risky, unsafe, unethical, and morally unacceptable. It causes numerous needless deaths and countless injuries. It threatens the financial stability of the driver, relatives, friends, and the whole human race in general. The consequences of drunk driving are much more damaging than drivers estimate. We must all unite to campaign against drunk driving. The change you want must start with you. Stop drinking and driving, then encourage your friends to do the same. Together we can reduce deaths and sufferings caused by drunk driving.


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