The Origin of American Football

Football is the greatest manifestation of American culture. Its primary focus is centered on holiday celebrations as well as homecomings. Though it was first developed in England, it began in the USA albeit in a disorganized and violent manner (Morris 1-7). The first non-violent version of football began in 1863, in England. This led to the formation of the Football Association. In 1864, one Gerritt Smith Miller launched the earliest official football club in Boston Common’s Oneida Club, USA (Morris 1-7).

Why Americans Play Football

American football is, in essence, a symbolic theatre of war in “culture wars” in the USA. Americans play football due to the fact that it provides an opportunity for the youth to prove their worth (Morris 1-7). Additionally, values such as self-reliance and teamwork are instilled. The game is also an avenue through which the ethics of femininity are upheld. This happens in corollary institutions like pep-squads as well as cheerleading (Morris 1-7).

Social Bonding

In the American society, today, football has intertwined into the American consciousness. It has a broad based appeal in the American society. Football is a way through which the American society engages in social bonding. For instance, football is usually played socially, with the game being played in an open field. In this way, through the game experience, football acts as an instrument through which the society bonds.

Additionally, in the American society, college football forms a fundamental part of life in many colleges. Apparently, this kind of ambiance is carried on in the professional part of the game. This happens especially in the Northeastern part of the country. In most cases, supporters set off to the game early enough for big cookouts and cocktail parties before the games. As a result, football in America has become not only an athletic event but a social one as well.

Football is also an avenue through which the spirit of competition in America is channeled. In most cases, fans are known to actively support the performance of their favorite teams. Apparently, this has led to betting on the professional football level, which has grown in leaps and bounds over the past few decades. As a matter of fact, gambling on professional games is worth billions of dollars, thus becoming a lucrative venture.

Over the past couple of years, the competitive aspect of the game turned to a phenomenon also known as “Fantasy Football”. Today, millions of people in America play this game with the fast increasing numbers. By and large, football is, in essence, a fundamental part of the American society, not only by providing leisure but also acting as a way by which the American society can bond together in harmony.


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