Today, many governments around the world have made significant strides towards attaining justice and democracy for their citizens. However, cases of the minority and the vulnerable being victimized and subjected to injustices are still rampant. Even though some injustices are meted against these groups openly, others take forms not easily identifiable, resulting in adverse effects on the victims. Regardless of the form, an injustice may take, it will finally cause harm to an innocent person. Common injustices are known to the present generation, which are often reported in the media, include prejudice, racial intolerance, inequality, and bigotry.

I must say I am absolutely against any form of injustice against fellow humans. There is nothing in the world so kills self-esteem, demeans and injures one’s personality as injustice. Among all injustices, the feeling of inequality or superiority is the most destructive. When people feel or demand superiority to others based on race, religious affiliation, or social status, they destroy not only themselves, but also those who feel this injustice. Inequality deprives people’s self-esteem and instead injects deeply rooted feelings of rejection and humiliation, which have pushed many to their graves.

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Today, almost all problems bedeviling the world are a result of inequality. Women are viewed as incapable and weak; hence play a secondary role to men. Minority groups languish in poverty because their votes cannot tilt the political landscape. Ethnic cleansing takes place to rid a region of minority tribes. Children from poor families fail to get a decent education. All this and much more is an inequality in action.

If inequality is to be outdated, everyone must come out to defend the voiceless, and to play a central role in championing for equality. Our silence is killing us. We must come out strongly to defend our families, friends, neighbors, and ourselves against inequality. Without unity, our chances of escaping the tyranny of “the special ones”; are slim. Therefore, we must focus our energy towards ridding the world of the attitudes and beliefs that aid inequality.


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