Washington’s farewell speech was a message worth appreciating. He touched on the issues which affected the American citizens, those including peace, prosperity, and patriotism. However, his main message to the Americans was unity. He argued that unity was the main pillar in the defense of their independence and a chief means to support peace at home and with other states. This, in turn, would assure safety, prosperity, and liberty highly valued by the Americans. He also insisted that though the citizens had some differences, they shared similar religious convictions, behavior, lifestyles, and political ideologies, which should unite them.

The Americans were to maintain unity by forming a government that represented the interests of all the citizens. They should also avoid introducing laws, aimed at directing and controlling people since this would eventually lead to the appearance of factions capable of breaking down the unity of the American nation. The unity could also be maintained by effecting the alterations to the Constitution which would promote it and guarantee the rights of every individual. The citizens should also avoid the formation of parties based on geographical considerations. These parties would be formed with a spirit of revenge, which would eventually lead to despotism and the latter might later turn into the dictatorship when an individual feels more empowered than the others.

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Washington stated that the spirit of unity was promoted by making amendments to the Constitution with regard to a certain clause, which did not grant particular rights to certain groups of people. The people should also promote the development of institutions diffusing the knowledge of the importance of morality and respect for every individual regardless of their religious or political affiliations. They should also be faithful and just to other nations in order to foster peace and harmony. Doing all these things in Washington’s opinion would let the unity prevail among the American citizens and let them achieve their goals.


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