Soviet invasion of Afghanistan

There are profuse consequences of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan in 1979. This must have been augmented by the idea the Soviets had by 1970s,

The Conditions in Colonial Virginia during the 1660s

The 1660s were characterized by a political tumult in England. The English queens and kings had difficulty in knowing where their power ended and the

The Events That Took Place in Anglo-Saxon Period

Introduction Anglo-Saxon period refers to an ancient era in between 400AD to 1066AD (Crone and Philips 203). During this time, many things happened in the

The Gulf War

Abstract The background on the causes of the conflicts in Iraq covers the dispute that was triggered by Iraq invasion of Kuwait, where Saddam Hussein

The Impact of Marco Polo on Europe and China

Marco Polo on Europe and China In the Middle Ages, there was not much knowledge about the continents of Asia and Europe. Although much of

The Korean War

Analysis of Korean War July 27, 2014 celebrated 61 years since the end of the Korean War. The conflict has lasted for three years and caused

The US Relations with Russia and China

Analysis of the US Relations with Russia and China Throughout the world history, there were different systems of international relations and the last transformation in

The Value of Henry David Thoreau’s Idea of “Civil Disobedience”

Introduction Thoreau’s was a man who lived a free spirit life and in the most cases followed his conscience and heart. He did not mind

Washington’s Farewell Address 1796

Washington’s farewell speech was a message worth appreciating. He touched on the issues which affected the American citizens, those including peace, prosperity, and patriotism. However,

Who is more Heroic Achilleus or Hector

The Iliad is a poem that stands between literature and history. The poem is based on the ancient Greek setting. Contrary to other poems, The

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