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African history and American African history are some of the most interesting histories to study in the world. The two histories have some similarities and differences which increase the desire of historians to keep on wanting to learn. The African history discusses the culture and history of immigrants to American from the Caribbean and Africa. This history details how the immigrants who are now known as African Americans migrated to America and adopted American cultures since the period of slave trade. The group acquired American cultures but still have traces of their original social norms, cultures and manners (Machariah, 1989). American African history describes how the immigrants managed to be the second largest minority group in America following the Hispanic Americans. On the other hand, the African history describes the native African cultures and norms. It describes how the hundreds of African tribes narrate their origin. Every group has a legend of their origin such as from a rock, from a goat’s knee, from a hole, under the river and such. It also describes the different clans amongst all the tribes. The history also exposes the struggle for independence in African countries. Both the American African history and African history have several similarities. Firstly, both histories describe groups from Africa continent. Secondly, both histories show traces of similarities between the norms and cultures of the groups. Additionally, both groups had to struggle to gain freedom and human rights and be considered similar to the whites. African Americans and Africans are all referred to as the Blacks or Negroes throughout the history (Hegel, 1943). I am interested in African Americans who are also referred to as Black Americans more than the native Africans. This is because of their history which transformed them from native to Americans irrespective of color. They do everything the Whites do and have even managed to produce the current president of America.


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In his well-documented work, Black Americans, Hegel describes how a group of people migrated from sub-Sahara Africa and became Americans. The author describes how the group whose ancestors lived in Africa was sold as slaves and other migrated in search of food and job. They all became part of Americans and started behaving like Americans (Hegel, 1943). Similarly, Lilian Macaharaih points out in, Equality of Negroes that Africans can do everything like the Whites if the Black Americans have done it. She narrates the migration of Africans to American and compares those who migrated with those still in Africa. Lilian points out that there are many differences but they can be bridged if the native African is empowered with education (Machariah, 1989).