The life of freedom that many Athenians enjoy is due to the efforts of their ancestors and for father and fathers. The city has been able to defend itself against the infiltration of people from foreign countries. Athens’ constitution is very much original and reflects the needs of the people. In this city, people of all manners enjoy equal human rights despite inherent unavoidable differences between people. People are treated according to merit with no considerations given to class, poverty or any other condition that can cover the potential of an individual.

The city recognizes the role of leisure in a person’s life and provides various activities people can do or enjoy while others are doing them in order to relax their minds. There are several games played all year round, as well as sacrifices.

The borders of Athens are open to any person from anywhere on earth who is satisfied with the services which are offered in this country in education, employment, or visiting. The city doesn’t have laws which prohibit people from coming into the city.

There is hard work in the city as people serve in public and private sector as well. These people like judges do also run their industrial activities outside their official duties are over. They are able to deal with their problems or disputes among themselves through dialogue.

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People are united in their common cause including warfare and attack of an enemy. They all march in a united front against the enemy and have several tricks of attacking their enemies. Even the city’s army is ready to defend their nation at any cost. They love their country, pay homage to their fore fathers who equally played a role to make their nation to be where it is now. They also feel indebted to leave their country better than it was given from the hands of ancestors.

Melian dialogue

The Melians are not ready to surrender and be under Athenians as many other islands had done. Although quiet and neutral at first, they later became so hostile when Athenians begun to force them to surrender. In this excerpt, Athenians do not want to continue to appear that they are unable to deal with Melians as they had other enemies; they set out to deal with this island once and for all. Melians do not consider themselves Athenian enemy and there is no need for them threatens them with destruction. On the other hand, Athenians perceive their reluctance to deal with Melians will be viewed at as a weakness on their part. The Melians also feel they are not too weak to surrender without fighting back and surrender if they are overcome by Athenian powers.

Athenians remind Melians that in surrendering they preserve themselves. To surrender is not about losing honor but gaining life and safety for their generations. Athenians do not prefer the use of power on weaker nations unnecessarily. They try to persuade their perceived enemies to give up their stance and cooperate with their ruler ship when they perceive that it would be good for both parties to be under one rule, Athenian rule. Although Athenians are religious they do not believe that gods can rescue weak and outnumbered people from the strong hands of Athenians.


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