American History

White terror was an organization as Ku Klux Klan in America. It was an original terrorist organization developed in America. Mainly it viewed Black political

American History of First Indian Tribes

History of the US The US is widely known as the strongest player in the international arena, as well as a great multicultural country with

Ancient Lives

The novel Tides of War highlights the events of the decades following the Peloponnesian War. In the novel, Jason, who is a member of the

Athens and Melians

The life of freedom that many Athenians enjoy is due to the efforts of their ancestors and for father and fathers. The city has been

China and Latin America

Relationship between China and Latin America The Chinese relationship with Latin America started its way back in the year 2004 once President Hu Jintao made

Comprehensive Nursing History and Physical Assessment Guidelines

Chief Complaint and History of Present Illness It is difficult to argue with the fact that any diagnosis is based on certain judgement of nurses

Conceptions of the Cold War

After the World War II, strenuous relations existed primarily between the United States of America and the USSR. Many historians date the Cold War between

Cross-Cultural Contacts in Eurasia in the Pre-Modern Period

One of the rising fields in the History is World History. The formation of contacts among all religious convictions of the world and its societies

EU Negotiations with Serbia and Iceland

Serbia as the Candidate for the EU Membership Nowadays, the economic development of every country in the world depends on many factors. Natural resources or

Federal Right to Form a Union

All employees have right to form unions at their places of work, which is guaranteed by the federal and the state laws. Unions give employees

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