The best concept that can promote the product, RavitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner which is due to be launched in Ho Chi Minh City, (Vietnam) will have to include activities which will counter the negative aspects that will make the buyer not to buy. Taking into account that the product is deemed expensive, being priced at $2,000,000 VND (approximately USD$100), relative to the average income of the target market, this concept must be persuading enough to attract attention, build desire and interest which will in turn call for the action of the buyer to go for the product. The target audience and market is women who are aged from (25 to 40) since they are aware of their attraction as well as celebrity images such as Ms. Vietnamese Mai Phuong Thuy who will really boost the promotion if they like the product. The main aim of this essay is to examine a creative concept that could promote the RavitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner and where it could be launched, for instance by use of a celebrity image.

A Brief History of the Product

The pioneers of Revitalash, Dr. Michael Brinkenhoff together with a team of cosmetic chemists developed it to be a gift for his wife, Gayle, who was previously stricken with cancer. The resulting effects of chemotherapy treatments had left her with breakable and fragile eyelashes which were quite different from her previous lush eyelashes. She then started using Revitalash which her husband had prepared for the restoration of her lashes after being inspired by her recovery; the eyelash conditioner caused her lashes to grow substantively. This phenomenon made Gayle’s family and friends to seek the secret behind the attractive observation. Soon or later, it dawned to the Brinkenhoffs and his team that many people would apparently gain from Revitalash. It is for this reason that a certain fraction of sales of the Revitalash, which is currently distributed by Athena cosmetics Inc., is set aside as a donation to research efforts based on cancer.

The product has continued enjoying the favor of many different women from all over the world with the celebrities showering it with praises leading to the manufactures making large sales despite the very high price tagged to the product. It is believed to make eyelashes which prior to the application of the product are short, brittle, sparse or thin to be long, flexible, thickened and full. However, the popular cosmetic has not been without a hitch, that is, complaints of from the users where the skin at the base develops some mild irritation while others had a problem with this area decolorizing. FDA has had banned the use of similar products to Revitalash such as Jan Marini Age Intervention Eyelash Conditioner since both reduces the effectiveness of glaucoma medicine “bimatoprost”, used as their ingredients. For that reason, Athena stopped producing Revitalash for a while until they removed the ingredient from the product. The product is predominantly manufactured in Vietnam although other countries such as USA, UK and others also produce it with varying degrees of quality, level of prices and different ingredients (WhiteFeather n.d.).

Provide Information of the Product

The original product manufactured by Athena Cosmetic Inc. and that has been in the market, Revitalash, has been improved to form RevitaLash Advanced through addition of cosmetic ingredients which have been functionally proven. Demand has lead to the production of RavitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner in which RevitaLash formula has been enhanced by addition of soothing botanicals and peptides. It is both ophthalmologists and dermatologist reviewed, effective in clinical studies and non-allergenic. This is because the original formula had side effects which have now been eliminated. This improved cosmetic formula is capable of improving the eye lashes to be more beautiful and attractive as well as nourished than all other Revitalash products ever researched. Its efficiency in lengthening, thickening the eyelashes as well as making them fuller is due to the use of functional cosmetic ingredients combinations.

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The manufacturers claim that Revitalash Eyelash Conditioner is safe to use and recommendable formula for more appealing eyelashes which can be achieved within eight weeks. The mechanism of action of the product is simply by conditioning the area where growth of lashes occurs thus stimulating the follicle to produce thicker than any other attractive eye (we heart this – Does RevitaLash work 2013). It is applied once daily using a brush packaged with Revitalash formula in the form of eyeliner liquid. The purchase of the Revitalash ADVANCED conditioner is approved for authenticity and that not previous tampering has happened to it by identifying the seal of approval which also consists of a rotating Revitalash watermark (WhiteFeather, n.d).The product is a revolutionary and new cosmetic eyelash conditioner which is packed in 3.5 ml / 0.118 fl. Oz.capacity and selling at $150.00 (USD) and 2.0 ml / 0.067 fl. oz. which also sells at $ 98.00 (USD). Although the product has a large market especially in the western countries such as Vietnam, UK and USA, promotion and advertising by the manufacturing countries is investable due to an upsurge of many similar and even better products leading to a stiff competition.

The product’s Previous Advertising Campaigns

Advertising campaigns have been carried out by Incredible Discoveries for the launch of Revitalash Advanced Cosmetic Product manufactured by Athena Cosmetics Inc. In April 17th, 2012, the o2 media division and one of the most popularly known direct response infomercials’ producers, Incredible Discoveries made a venture to have the creation of a special television offer for RevitaLash Advanced. During this launch, the Direct Response Marketing’s Senior Director said that he had no doubts that Athens Cosmetics Inc. offered an absolutely innovative product which then consumers would have discovered through the campaign involving direct response that they were to engage in at that time. During national marketing campaigns for the product in Vietnam, there were clips featuring RevitaLash Advanced during the popular morning shows such as, “Balancing Act” (Steele- Unger 2012). Dealer promotions have been found to be efficient in pushing a product through the channel. Consumer promotions also worked well since they created demand for the product such as contests or sweepstates, coupons, premiums, free samples and experimental marketing (Floresca et al., n.d.).

In the direct response by the Incredible Discoveries on national television during the launch, airing by infomercial were done in the whole country’s markets as well as had the direct response campaign complemented with advertising using print media, home shopping a drive to retail and online. Incredible Discoveries is an efficient market agency with the main interest in developing and implementing brand integration and also establishing strategies which would link the manufacturer of the brand directly to the consumer strategies. This can be achieved through interactive trends, for instance, social media which comprise of Facebook, MySpace and Twitter, instant messaging such as MCN and Google talk and could services like Microsoft and yahoo (Floresca et al., n.d.). In the campaign for RevitaLash Advanced through the use of the direct response television and other media channels such as radio, online and mobile marketing, product distribution and branded entertainment, the incredible discoveries has been capable, on behalf of Athens Cosmetics Inc. to have efficient and quick responses which could catch up with the increasing demands of the competitive market. (Steele- Unger, 2012).

Marketing Situation in Vietnam

Marketing of the RevitaLash Advanced in Vietnam has shown that both the current Revitalash Advanced and the original Revitalash formula are popular although the mode of use is different. There are also competitor products which are claimed to be more efficient and cheaper than the advanced type. For instance, RevitaLash Volumizing Mascara which costs $ 24 is said to be contain a clump-free formula which is important in building thicker and also fuller lashes. There is also Perfect Primer which goes for $ 24 is able to both enhance and also intensify the eye color as well as whatever mascara shade be worn. It also has a moisturizing effect on the eyelashes which makes them flexible and hence don’t break easily in addition to an antibacterial agent to prevent the tube from being contaminated (we hear this – Does RevitaLash work 2013). With the multiple challenges facing the use of RevitaLash Advanced in Vietnam, it has then become difficult for it to maintain it in a competitive status with other eyelash growth products which are readily available in the market. Infact these alternative products have been proved to be more effective since within such a short time as four weeks results targeted can be observed (Brown, 2011). However, since Revitalash Advanced is still new in the market and hence fashionable, it is currently sweeping the market. The market is ripe for the use of the product by many women due to the assurance that the product will give the desired results which to some people this is a dangerous and unhealthy ritual in the name of seeking beauty (WhiteFeather, n.d).


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Identifying the Target Audience of the Product in Vietnam

Celebrities have very demanding schedules every day, hence they are very keen on the fashionable and most effective products coming to the market which they can use to keep or make themselves beautiful and healthy. Thus, they become the target audience for the promotion and advertisement of the RevitaLash ADVANCED eyelash conditioner. Several celebrities have used the Revitalash Eyelash Conditioner and endorsed it as not only making them beautiful but also nourishes their eye lashes. Listing the Hollywood superstars who think RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner is the best for them is a basic concept that will work wonders. The manufacturers have realized this and hence there are pictures of superstars on the sites of the Athena Cosmetics. For instance, Jenifer Love, Olivia Wilde, True Blood’s Carrie Preston and Kate Middleton have their pictures on the cosmetics. However that is a small percentage compared to the larger population of women who are mainly average income earners (we hear this – Does RevitaLash work 2013).

The audience targeted for the advertisement is mainly those women in the age bracket of 25 to 40 years as well as some few men who want to look and feel attractive by having beautiful-looking eyelashes. The celebrities will not only afford and use the product, but they will directly or indirectly help in the promotion of the cosmetics due to their popularity as well as ability to reach many people. Some of them such as Jennifer Love Hewitt had one time declared herself a big fan of Revitalash as well as Sarah Drew who became very excited when they were given Revitalash. Sarah said it was her favorite, Giuliana Rancic exclaimed that she couldn’t wait to use it (my Lot, n.d).

SWOT Analysis to Find an Effective Advertising Strategy

SWOT analysis is a key element of planning which allows assessment of a company’s strategic profile in regard to strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. Regarding strengths of the RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner, the focus is placed on positive features and aspects of the product that will be used as the basis for promotions and advertising. The users will experience fuller and longer eyelashes within just four weeks if they use the product only once a day, that is, by brushing it on the eyelashes before one goes to sleep. Other, clinical results indicate that the conditioner is both ophthalmologist and dermatologist reviewed, non-allergenic and takes three weeks to improve the appearance of eyelashes (Roberts, 2011). The product is also easy to apply, does not need a prescription and can be used with contact glasses (we hear this – Does RevitaLash work 2013).

RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner also comes with many opportunities, for instance, increased business dealings with manufactures of possible complementary products such Revitabrow Eyebrow Conditioner and RapidLash EyeLash enhancing serum. There has been the establishment of international business with importers of the product such from all over the world such as USA, UK, and India and Nigeria. This has led to the creation of through which the business is transacted and hence a technological advancement. It has also led to competition in the market leading to the eruption of other similar products or improvement of the existing ones.

On the other hand, the eyelash growth stimulator has a number of weaknesses which come in the form of side effects. Most of them are minor and hence can be ignored or easily treated while others pose major dangers on the health of the user if not carefully applied. For instance, some women have reported that their iris darkened after the use of Revitalash especially if they had lighter eye colors. Other negative effects include Reversed effects of Revitalash than expected, such as brittle and stiff eyelashes, skin irritation and decolorization and blurred vision. It is unfortunate that this change is irreversible (Ireland, 2009).

There are a number of threats facing the use and marketing of the RevitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner. Competition in the market with products such as Revitabrow Eyebrow Conditioner, Eyelash extensions and eyelash conditioner from the USA will lead to lose of market hence losses to the manufacturer. The shift prices due to competition and other factors such as poor economic conditions as well as taxation pose a major threat to the product sales. The other threat is the use of banned “bimatoprost,” which is a cancer medicine and this may lead to sanctioning of the company not to manufacture the cosmetic. Failure to use it and essential resources may also minimize the chances of improving their product and as such may lose on their share or control of the market (WhiteFeather n.d.).

Concept for the Advertising Campaign – Using a Celebrity Image

The concept for the advertising campaign for RavitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner will be based on given criteria. The concept should a multiplying effect in that once information reaches the target audience, it should be amplified in a more powerful way or spread to reach the more secondary audience and tertiary audience. Again, the concept should be able to meet and address the market demand as well overcomes the merits of the competitor. Using a celebrity image such as Ms. Vietnamese Mai Phuong Thuy who is beautiful with long eyelashes to promote RavitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner is a definitely a sure way of reaching not only the target audience within the Vietnam but also worldwide. When the launching takes place in Ho Chi Minh City, many women within the age bracket of 25-40 years will be reached and since they live in the city, it means they are likely to afford the product as well as be able to access the eyelashes service providers.

During the launch media is likely to cover the event, where Ms. Vietnamese Mai Phuong Thuy will be given samples of the RavitaLash Advanced Eyelash Conditioner whereby she will delightedly exclaim comments which promote the product such as “I love RevitaLash, it’s my favorite, I can’t wait to use it!” The event will be covered in the nation’s television, with the focus on her eyelashes and her exclamations about the product and in that manner; it will reach most of the citizens. People love copying the fashion especially if a celebrity is using it. Therefore, many people are likely to choose to it courtesy of the celebrity and media coverage.


Business organizations normally do well when they have new products in the market and competition is minimal. Athena Cosmetics Inc. is one such company which enjoyed a wide for its Revitalash cosmetics which had been pioneered by Dr. Michael Brinkenhoff who together with his cosmetic chemists when he decided to make a substance that would restore the eyelashes of his wife. The results were greatly successful and later it became a cosmetic which has worked to enhance growth, thickening and full growth of the eyelashes. It is said to be safe to use although misuse can lead to side effects such as poor vision, irritation brittle eyelashes, and darkening of the eye. Advertisement for the product has been carried out before through promotions involving, for instance, social media, instant messaging and direct response marketing using national television.

This advertising targeted women generally but the special focus was on the celebs such as Ms. Vietnamese and city women which are the reason for launching the product in Ho Chi Minh City. Using SWOT analysis enables the stakeholders in the product to do an assessment of the product’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats which are important to determine area necessary for improvement in order for it to claim the top position in the market. For a successful advertising campaign to be carried out, a strategy should be chosen which can lead to reaching a good number of the target audience as well as have a multiplying effect such as through using celebrity images that are always in the media and also using the right media.

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