The topic of the connection between the mass media and the popular culture has at all times been a controversial subject. Nowadays, the USA is the largest economical power in the globe with the largest media industry. So, it is very important to analyze the crucial relationship between the media and the culture for a better acknowledgment of the matter.

Generally speaking, media is a strong proof of human existence and the development from Stone Age to the present days. Media plays the major role in each nation and represents people regardless of their ethnicity. Entertainment helps to provide a sense of self and identity, which brings the entire nation together. Quick evolvement of media industry brings amazing success to the homeland (Morley, 1992). Some nations have been recognized by the amusement activities, and they earn international recognition as well.

With the involvement of new technologies and media, like the widespread usage of computers, artists have been more and more engaged in fabric of daily existence. The industry has also created lots of talents in the USA, ones that have boosted individuals’ lifestyles. According to the researches, the most popular ground for TV viewing and internet surfing is leisure and emptying the mind. Thus, the programs being the only option for relaxation are the most crucial and effectual instruments of influence as during these programs, people are not too busy with the mental activities (Morley, 1992).

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People are impacted by the movies and shows as some humans may actually try to follow the lifestyles or acts of the people in these movies. Using the dissimilar types of visual entertainment, media have formed the US culture and its values by impacting humans to act in a different way because of what they observe on television. In this regard, the celebrities have a huge influence on how humans say and do things (Morley, 1992). For instance, Marilyn Monroe was the key symbol in the past. She was a lady a lot of females admired and attempted to resemble.

The social impacts of the visual entertainment media are regularly positive as it is not a bad thing to want to make yourself better, to be like a nice person in a movie. People may learn some information from visual media, because if they have just come to the USA, they have an opportunity to watch TV to realize how the things are.

However, it is hard to disregard the manipulative power of the media and its influences on cultural and social existence. Too often, the entertainment media is a catalyst for societal behaviors and attitudes. Nowadays, on a daily basis, people are exposed to millions of visual messages that tell them what to consume, what to wear, watch or listen. Only to a certain extent, people are capable to defend themselves. After that, it is hard to avoid being impacted by these directions. This is particularly true with the children. In 1999, Kaiser Family Foundation report demonstrated that youngsters among the ages of three and eighteen spend approximately five hours a day watching TV, playing video games, surfing the Internet or using some other media (Kaiser Family Foundation, 1999). Also, today, the media demonstrates violence in the reality, movies, and in the games. The young people are being negatively influenced by the media through the different advertisements that promote sexuality, alcohol or cigarettes (Kaiser Family Foundation, 1999). It is not possible to detach a child from media. That is why, parents need to find a way to incorporate other activities in the children’s lives and integrate less time being impacted by such types of media.

Generally speaking, there are too many types of media: the television, smart phones or computer. Today, every person encounters on a daily basis some sort of media. People read scientific journals and magazines on their smartphones together with the messages on Twitter or Facebook. Thus, the media has a strong impact on society, both positive and negative, due to the simple fact that it provokes thoughts.


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