Television is a medium of entertainment. It should be censored for quite a number of grounds. Several people say that it ought not to be censored. People say that it really doesn’t matter because it is all not true but in spite of whether it is true or not, it still breeds dreadful ideas.

Censorship is the exclusion of material considered not suitable for television. It is when you are against your will notified to remove something believed to be inappropriate for viewing. Out of fourteen kinds of program material considered unsuitable for television is offensive or obscene material that includes programmes with mature content such as but are not restricted to, strong language, nudity, and drug use.

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One specific example of adherence was a sitcom known as gay family, about a gay couple and their family which was censored due to its crude discourse, explicit substance and distasteful characterization. The TV station took the decision not to air the show because this program was improper, particularly during family viewing moment.

Out of the mentioned rules in any television program, the rating is of importance.Television content evaluation system gives the audience an idea of the appropriateness of a television program for children or adults. Programs are rated by either the organization that controls the system, the presenter or by the content creator. The rating varies per episode, and per country. Owing to malfunctioning of this type of system has made pay television network to refuse to comply with the rule that requires t it to display its categorization representation on TV in respect to G-rated programming.

An example of what l perceive to be a positive result from something being censored is the reduction of crime which is a problem related to television. Some people get affected by some things shown on T.V., and it creates ideas for them. Most of the movies provide people with ideas on theft, murder and all sort of evil things. These ideas should be censored so this doesn’t occur.

Negatives implication of censoring is that it offends some people especially those who do not have children in their homes. Job loss is another negative factor that comes with censoring TV. If a particular show, for instance, Family Guy gets canceled, it rendered a lot of people jobless and this, in turn, means more crime in the society.


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