Rather than Other 20th Century Royalty

The research paper analyzes the media idolization of Princess Diana. In this research study, empirical research is applied to gather information on why media is interested in Diana’s life more than the current renowned models. The research paper would incorporate qualitative and quantitative approaches to collect data involving the case study. Numerous researches have been done in regard to Diana’s life; however, the aspect of idolization is not critically tackled. This paper analyzes this concept in detail using the available research findings and making new surveys.

Theoretical Background

Princess Diana Frances Spencer’s existence may have dreadfully been abrupt; however, she managed to live a satisfying life as a communal activist. She incarcerated the globe with her attractiveness, elegance, and compassion. It is one of the reasons even after her life was cut short the media has prolonged her existence into the minds of many. She revived existence to old British humanity that had lost both territory and its confidence, and she also had the authority to transform people’s mindset. She was an example of altruistic humanity. She was, on one occasion, the most celebrated woman in the universe due to her association in a huge number of diverse charities and causes (Arrant, & Yerrakadu, 2009). She was born in 1961, in Norfolk, the UK. She was the third child in a family of four children. The father was a recognized aide to both Queen Elizabeth II and King George VI. She was brought up in Park House, a mansion situated next gate to the imperial family’s Sandringham parkland. She lived a comparatively contented life until her parents separated when she was merely eight years of age. Their father took custody of them though with a frequent visit from the mum. Growing up one of Diana’s friends was her prospective brother-in-law, Prince Andrew. Diana’s family had close relations with the Royal family and thus, attended royal functions (Gregerson, 2010).

The Objective of the Study

The research paper’s aim is to get the reasons why the media took and still take much interest in the life of Princess Diana. The aim is to inference whether this involvement is helpful for family members. It also seeks to assess whether it is worth idolizing her while other renown models still do exist. The research compares the other 20th-century royalty with Diana to make an inference of why media idolize her.

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Research Question; why do the media choose to idolize Princess Diana rather than other 20th-century royalty? This research question forms the basis of the study. The question seeks answers on the research objective since 20th-century models are not equally idolized. This major research question will be supported by several other questions in the form of a questionnaire.

Hypothesis; Princess Diana was the most royal princess in the world.

Null Hypothesis; the world still has many princesses and some yet to be born.

Research Design

The research proposal’s objective is to give an outline analysis and framework for the data collection. It is to observe the data gathered on the study field and the information extracted from the empirical literature. In this part, we analyze and describe the major ideas used in the setting of research based on an assessment of accessible hypothetical and empirical studies. The study will apply qualitative and quantitative research methodologies to collect and analyze data from various media. The research question under study requires drawing of inference either to authenticate or refute the issued hypotheses and to expand the objectives of the study. The qualitative research technique involves gathering, evaluating, and analyzing data collected from the field through methodologies such as questionnaires, interviews, and observations or those available from the secondary materials like the literature studies. It may also encompass the use of focus groups in case moderately small figures of informants are questioned in-depth. Qualitative research methodology in this research paper is applied to assist in the understanding of the data and is based on objective achievement and theory analysis (Creswell, 2000). The media research would involve extracting some information reported b either journalists, editors and news anchors that could assist gather data. The questionnaire approach would involve closed-ended questions that give direct answers which are objective to the research aim, unlike the open-ended questions that involve giving the opinions and often derail the objective of research work.

Data Collection Method

The collection of data in this research proposal would involve a literature review on the available research work that has been done in regard to the research question. The media involvement in Diana’s life has been extensive and there are a number of journals, videos, interviews, conferences and newspaper reports. This empirical literature review could be essential during the study so as to make a conclusive analysis of the involvement of media in Princess Life. Such a review would involve samples such as Media Literature review extract from Bill Walsh a contributing writer (Walsh, 2010). The writer acknowledged that media involvement in Diana’s death was too much.

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The research would not be limited to empirical research extraction. Field events involving an interview and structured questionnaires would be done to give conclusive research proposals (Creswell, 2000). The respondents will be randomly picked from the media fraternity, a sample of 80 informants from diverse media, out of which 15 will be interviewed while 65 responding to the questionnaire. The questionnaires are constructed with closed-ended questions for easy interpretation, coding, and analysis (Gregerson, 2010). The participants would be protected since this a voluntary exercise and the data protection Act applies where confidentiality is upheld and the purpose of the data is restricted. Sample questions would be such as:

Such a survey will gather the number of the respondent that agree and those who disagree to make form statistics representation. Other questions will be of the same form to assist in making a statistical representation of data collected.

Findings and Analysis

In this section, the data collected either from literature reviews or survey and recorded and use applicable software to enable data presentation. It is conclusive that media has meddled in Diana affairs more than any other royalty figure. One of the literature by Bill acknowledged media involvement as idolization. This extract gives the media perspective during her death; ‘And the media has exaggerated the event of the death of this very pleasant woman with its own special kind of hyperbole and hypocrisy for a whole week. It’s a shame (Baker, Reynolds, & Woods, 2007). The early reporting is always the most attractive. Within minutes, the major media networks started displaying specials with glitzy headlines and special images. “Diana: Demise of a Princess.” They referred to her “the Queen of hearts” as they play and re-play old interviews with Diana where she supposed that she needed to utilize her celebrity for some fine purpose. They referred to her as “the most typical” of the Royal family unit, which is incredible. Some of the media even relocated their functions to London to be “closer to the progress” (Walsh, 2010). They discovered representatives from the sensationalist journalists, the National Enquirer, and the similar media, and interviewed individuals who really confessed with a directly face that they by no means have published “intrusive” pictures or “photos in poor taste” (Baker, Reynolds, & Woods, 2007). The subsequent day it was reported that a scandalous spent half a million funds for photos of doctors handling on Di’s bloody remains in the wrecked car. The media used the opportunity to make money and could report anything. Most of the literature acknowledges that the twist of her lifestyle gave media opportunities to discuss her in both perspectives. The questionnaires responded would agree with the hypothesis of 80% agreeing with the research question (Creswell, 2000). After collecting the necessary data, the representation of this data statistically is essential for research work to make interpretation easier. Excel could be one of the statistical instruments applied in data representation due to its accessibility and simplicity to use.


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Limitations of the Study

The research paper would face limitations involving the accessibility of literature reviews and fully using them to analyze the study. It is due to the copyright of any literature review materials. On the field, convincing the respondents to participate in the survey is a challenge. It is due to the fear that the data may be utilized for a diverse purpose apart from the research intention.


A number of literature have been done to discuss the research question, however, not it conclusive. The lifestyle of Diana influenced media actions towards her when she was alive and in death. It is conclusive the media has idolized her so much both in life and death. No royalty has been witnessed, though, it is not appropriate to conclude that she was better than the existed royalties.


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