New York Repertory Showcase Theater

The New York Repertory Showcase Theater (NYRST) reopens on 18th November in Lower Manhattan. Mayor Michael Bloomberg will grace the reopening event. Nancy Chan, the NYRST Director, will co-host the celebration. On this day, the theater will be sixty years old since it was originally started. NYRST was moved to its current location after the human made disaster which occurred on September 11, 2011 after a terrorist attack. Thanks to both the private and public sectors that funded the renovation of the new theater. Tickets are available to all interested persons. Students, youth groups, and other community groups will have reduced prices as the discount.

The reopening of the new will benefit students from public and private schools in New York City as they will have a chance to participate in dancing, singing and acting free of charge. Famous artists including Tyler Perry, Idris Alba, Katy Perry, Jennifer Lopez, Robert Pattison, Spike Lee and Alicia Keyes will be involved in teaching students in the free classes. Brooklyn will receive a special reward as a rapper and native music producer as well as a business entrepreneur. Similarly, Jay-Z will receive a reward for his efforts, which reduced the construction cost with twenty-five percent after a private fundraising. The renewed theater will hold several plays including West Side Story, Othello and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. Additionally, it will offer a platform for original performances for unknown new directors and writer. The theater has been expanded to hold 50% more people than it was before the renovation.

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The New York Repertory show case theater will reopen on the 18th of November following renovations. The new state of the art facility will seat 900 people, a 50% increase from the old theatre. The renovations were jointly funded by the public and the private sector. The move was made partly to help restore business in lower Manhattan after the decline that was caused by the 9/11 terror attacks on the city. The move also commemorates the opening of the old theater, which was initially known as the Mecca temple during the Ancient Arabic Order of the Nobles in the Mystic Shrine, generally referred to Shriners who had formerly gathered at the Carnegie Hall. This Carnegie Hall supervision was messed up by the quantity of smoke produced during the convention and expelled them.

The new facility will include a school where New York City public and private school students can participate in workshops in acting, singing and dance at no cost. Renowned performers including Alicia Keys, Spike Lee, Robert Pattison, Justin Timberlake, Jennifer Lopez, Katy Perry, Idris Alba and Tyler Perry will be present. The mayor of new York city Michael Bloomberg will also be in attendance and will be awarding a special award to Brooklyn native and rapper, music producer and business entrepreneur, Jay-z for his efforts in securing 25% of the construction cost through private fund raising.

The opening show will be co-hosted by Nancy Chan, the director of the New York Repertory show case theater. The New York Repertory show case Theatre will host a variety of shows, including;

  1. Othello
  2. West side story
  3. Cat on a hot

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News release

The reopening of the New York Repertory show case theatre

18th November

The New York Repertory show case Theatre (NRST) will celebrate its 60th birthday during its reopening on the 18th of November. The opening celebration will be co-hosted by the NRST Director ms Nancy Chan. Rapper and business entrepreneur Jay-z will be in attendance to receive a special award from the mayor for his efforts in securing 25% of the funds for the renovation.

The new theater, which now seats 900 people, will feature shows such as:

  1. Othello
  2. The west side story
  3. Cat on a hot tin roof

To promote new and upcoming talents, the new theatre will provide free workshops in singing, dance, and acting at no cost to students from new York city public and private schools, where they will get a chance to interact with and learn from the best in the industry, such as Alicia Keys, Spike Lee, Robert Patterson, Justin Timberlake Katy Perry, Idris Alba and Tyler Perry. It will also be providing a show case for original performances by new and unknown writers and directors.

Low discount price tickets will be available for school groups as well as other youth and community groups.

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