A time management plan is needed to input in this case. That is the main theme of time management needs to be followed in this case. That includes the following:

  1. Creating an environment conducive to start the work quickly and end it as soon as possible.
  2. Setting the priorities that need to be done earlier.
  3. Carrying out the required activities to start the work.
  4. Giving the non priorities lesser time.

As a team leader, after having a close review of the present situation will follow the following steps.

Getting organized:

Will take the offered laptop by the sixth member who has travel reservations. Also, his self-described ideas on the scribbled paper will be kept safe for completing the assignment. Finally allowing him to go, but stay connected through the phone call.

Collect the work done by the member who got drama lead role written in the rough draft which is too short and skimpy. Allowing him to lead the team some time to the assignment and later the team will offer him help to practice for the dramatic role.

Collect the work from the fraternity president who has already spent a lot of time polishing and editing his part of the paper and provided a hard copy and disk copy of it. Also lend some time from him, convincing him that he will be allowed to leave as soon as the assignment is complete.

Protect your time:

Varsity athlete coach is approached and convinced to start the practice session two hours late that is from 6 pm onwards keeping in view the student’s class grading and assignment in hand.

Setting priorities:

The International student who is good in oral English with strong ideas will be the key person who will help integrate the whole work. The resentment between should be forgotten for the time being to get the best results.

Goal Focus:

And finally, myself arranging for a computer typist and formatter for the work to be integrated, typed, edited, polished and proofread by the deadline of tomorrow. The person selected can be from inside the team or outside. A professional typist can also be hired to type and format the integrated work as soon as possible.

The work is now ready to start. The already written work is read before all the team members and the feedback is taken and noted. The ideas of each of the team member are pen down and a brainstorming kind of session is allowed to happen for next one hour. The typist is asked to type everything that is discussed during this session.

Now the students who have to leave for some reasons are allowed to leave as per their wish. Like the student who has his reservation and the fraternity president who has done his work. Also, the student who got the drama role is allowed to leave now as keeping him for long would start affecting the morale of the left out team members as his non interested behavior may prove fatal.

Cigarettes were officially declared a health hazard yet back in 1964. Despite this fact, 400 000 people a year still die from tobacco related diseases. In addition, approximately one thousand teenagers under the age of eighteen become addicted to smoking every day. In order to address this issue, Barack Obama signed a law that empowered FDA to forbid to advertisement of smoking and control substances that are added in cigarettes. Two manufacturing companies responded to this policy in different ways.

Reynolds Tobacco attacked congressional legislation contending that FDA was incompetent in their own work. In addition, Reynolds aired several advertisements about FDA, undermining their reputation, and intimidated by going to court in order to defend their rights of free speech. This was an appalling attempt to protect the company’s profits disregarding all the health hazards that smoking may cause. Altria Group was another party that had an interest in profits from this industry, however, decided to refrain from criticizing the government, moreover supported the legislation. They knew that the law would have passed in any case, therefore, influenced the law makers to ensure that cigarettes are not outlawed entirely. Altria’s tolerant approach to new legislation was an effective strategy to save profits and endorse healthier society.

By reason that mankind is trending towards healthy living, it is wise to support governmental proposals aimed at this direction. Reynolds surely mistakenly omitted collective interests in favour of their own benefit.

Now FDA has the power to set standards for cigarettes and their content. Addictive flavourings are prohibited in cigarettes, media advertisement is banned either. Health warnings now are to appear on each package. On the whole, Obama’s tobacco legislation is a major step towards building a healthier society. On the other hand, companies that help to improve public well-being are set to increase their profits in the long run.


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The left time with the Varsity athlete is used during the integration and typing of the work. Suggestions are asked from the International student from time to time and are given high importance and respect during these hours. At some point when things get some what unclear the person who is traveling is connected on phone and his ideas are taken.

When the Varsity athlete leaves for her pre-scheduled practice session the work is left for the International student and me. We together forget the old differences and join hands to finish this work. The integration of work in the form of typing followed by editing, polishing and finally proofreading is done.

Finally, we are ready to exhibit the detailed answer for our class project team. The copy of work is sent to each student on his email id and asked to give his/her opinion by early morning tomorrow.

In the morning the final draft is printed after getting the responses, ideas and suggestions from the students that are infused in the work. The team project needs to be the result of the thoughts and suggestion of all the team members as a whole, keeping in mind the next week the same has to presented orally before the class and instructor and will affect the grades which` are based on the combination of both the written paper and the in-class presentation.

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