“Products” Marketed by Philadelphia Phillies

One of the most important things in marketing is target definition. This requires a systematic approach in which an analysis is carried out to determine the existence of an economic potential through the market borders. Eventually, the selections of the market precise sectors are considered. With a number of changes in consumer preferences, there is a need for marketing strategies to be constantly transformed for effective results. Philadelphia Phillies is a sports team with a mission of winning the World Series.

Generally speaking, Philadelphia Phillies is in the process of marketing the Philadelphia Phillies team through a baseball championship, played in a fan-friendly new stadium. Being one of the oldest sports franchises in the United States, its desire is to enjoy massive recognition on a national level. In this regard, the baseball team wants to take full advantage of its potential, by designing a facility that is in a position of reaching out to a big range of clients.

In this regard, David Montgomery, the President and the Chief Executive Officer of the team considers the facility ought to take the game to a much broader audience. As a result, their main challenge is to market the game to appeal to the audience. In this way, they try as much as possible to ensure that the ballpark is set up for the perfectionists and that the fans are attracted to come to the facility just for the game of baseball.

The “Products” they are Careful not to Market

According to Montgomery, Philadelphia Phillies is not in the business of marketing a perfect team as such. In this regard, in as much as they are trying to market baseball as a game, they are however not marketing a perfect team standing to be triumphant in every game.

How the Quality Dimension in Marketing Philadelphia Phillies Differ from Marketing a Consumer Product

Marketing any kind of product or service involves a number of exceptional challenges. In as much as both types of marketing may turn out to be successful, they, however, require an individual to gain adequate information in the particular field before expecting any success. It is therefore wise to learn the disparities in marketing products and services (Kaser & Oekers, 2008).

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In the process of marketing an entertainment service, one has to realize that services are intangible, therefore making them somewhat hard to market (Mullin, Hardy & Sutton, 2007). This is because when purchasing a product like breakfast cereal, an individual has something they can actually see, touch and test before buying. However, on the other hand, services are more customized. This is because they are usually tailored to the needs of the client. In most cases, services have adjustable amounts of profit, able to last for a number of years.

Additionally, when marketing products, basically anyone can be sold to. However, when it comes to marketing an entertainment service, an individual needs to be more selective when making a choice of the prospective clientele (Mullin et al., 2007). At times, a service may be more expensive in the long run since it can be used over time. Due to the fact, there is a need to build relationships with the clientele, an individual needs to choose selectively the right kind of group to work with.

Additionally, when marketing products, an individual does not necessarily need to bet to know the clients. In most cases, chances are that once individual purchase a product, a producer may not necessarily see them again, and yet they are likely to continue buying the products (Kaser & Oekers, 2008). Again, a producer does not really need to have many conversations with the clients. On the other hand, marketing service needs is a one on one interaction with the clientele. This implies that the relationship with the clients also has to be improved (Mullin et al., 2007).

The Likely Characteristics of Phillies Fans

Irrespective of their levels of interest, there are usually some common characteristics, demonstrated by sports enthusiasts. In this regard, it is normal for Phillies fans to desire to acquire and have substances with respect to their interests (Kaser & Oekers, 2008). In most cases, it will be common to find Phillies fans not far from subjects of affection. It is no wonder that huge sports stadiums are usually full, with tickets sold out. Again in spite of their soaring prices, sports memorabilia usually sell like hot cake (Blann & Armstrong, 2007).

Another likely characteristic of Phillies fans is a desire to involve themselves externally through regular societal communication with fellow fans. In this regard, there are bound to be a number of fan sites or websites devoted to their objective affection (Blann & Armstrong, 2007). In most cases, the social involvements over a common interest contribute to a sense of belonging among fans. This is one of the reasons why conferences are arranged, with associated notices being placed on fan sites. Usually, these fan conventions, as well as gatherings, are attended by huge numbers of sports fans all over the world (Mullin et al., 2007).

Another characteristic that is likely with Phillies fans is their interest in watching Philadelphia Phillies sports events together in television, or even at home. In this way, they all become involved in articulating gratification as well as discontentment over the games to their heart”s content (Blann & Armstrong, 2007). During big sports events, Philadelphia Phillies fans are likely to be found in sports bars, congregating to enthusiastically applaud their team and experience a great level of liberty.

Contents of Phillies Fan Page

In order to attract more fans into Phillies fan page, it should be inclusive of news updates regarding the whereabouts of the team. Sports news and videos should also be included. The team also needs to include few photos of the crowd, the day”s tickets, as well as pre-field games (Blann & Armstrong, 2007). This is very instrumental in assisting the fans to feel like they are at the stadium.

During the seasons, the content on the fan page should include craving stats, pictures and trivia. The content should also be engaging and interactive, with fill-in-the-blanks and polls. In most cases, fans desire to see and know everything concerning the team. As a result, the off days are the best to capitalize on behind-the-scenes updates as well as photos.

Promotional Activities that Phillies Should Use

There are five elements of the promotional mix. These include advertising, personal selling, public relations, sales promotion, as well as direct marketing (Blann & Armstrong, 2007). However, there are specific promotional activities that Phillies should use. One of the elements of promotional mix that can be used during a season is advertising. For instance, during Championships Philadelphia Phillies can advertise their tournaments on TV, radio, internet and outdoor advertising (Shibury, 2009).

Another element is public relations. Since they are involved in an entertainment service, Philadelphia Phillies ought to engage in activities and programs that assist the team in developing relationships with the target audience (Mullin et al., 2007). By using public relations, the team gets involved in assessing the public opinions as well as attitudes towards the game.

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This information is very crucial, especially when gauging the ways in which marketing activities and programs are able to have an influence on the consumers” perceptions of the product (Blann & Armstrong, 2007). With such information, the team is then able to modify promotional activities and ensure they are communicating positive messages about the game. This is very instrumental in fostering positive relationships between the team and its target audience (Mullin et al., 2007).

Another element of the promotional mix that Philadelphia Phillies can use is personal selling. This is vital since it involves direct face-to-face communication with individuals, organizations, and groups (Smith, 2012). Personal selling is also of great importance since they generate the much-needed revenue. Additionally, it is vital since it involves face-to-face interaction with the target audience, instead of the mass communication that involves thousands of consumers without direct interaction (Blann & Armstrong, 2007).

Special Promotion Gift Days

The Phillie’s premiums or giveaways are usually intended for at particular market segments. Some of these premiums usually range from baseball caps, beach towels, as well as T-shirts. Phillies team photos or bobblehead dolls are also given out. Baseball caps and bobblehead dolls could be sold to fans that are 14 and under. As for fans that are 15 and over, T-shirts and baseball caps are the best. Special fan segments, as well as all the fans, can have the T-shirts as well as team products.


There is always a purpose for the every organization existence. This is defined by the organization”s mission statement. Being an organization Philadelphia Phillies, as it engages in marketing itself, has to ensure that the packaging, promotion, as well as delivery of its entertainment services are conducted in a socially responsible manner. By engaging in sports marketing, the organization gets involved in encouraging consumers to buy its products, as well as participate in its activities and events.


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