Buying decisions require more information, involves a higher risk of uncertainty about product performance and undergo longer evaluations. In the Oasis chain, several key factors affect the behavior of buyers in their decisions to buy and bargain. The most common factor in the chain business is the opinion makers and leaders. Their influence is well known and has been there for a long period of time. Their opinion is so powerful that even leaders from a different branch or country can affect a decision to buyers elsewhere in the Oasis chain (Jobber, 2009). Their opinion influences a buying behavior and even the price since they also pair p as bosses too. The second factor influencing buyers’ behavior is the age of buyers and the trending design with relation to their consumer buying behavior. Young females are the better customers and make up for most of the Oasis chain sales (Goworek, 2007:21). The trending design and the age group of such females determine what the buyers will emphasize more on and for how much. The third factor influencing buying behavior is the season. A normal season goes for about six month and buyers must consider this change in the season before buying and when making bargains so as to be able to make informed decisions. Other factors include customer feedback and online opinion that serves to inform the buyers on what to do or what to avoid (Christy et al., 2005:117-119).

The behavior of consumer fashion buyers heavily influences that of the buyers in the fashion outlets. Fashion outlets buyers have a role to be fully aware of the gradations of trends and fashion. They have a mandate to anticipate where all the styles will lead and what will make it to fashion houses or catch on with the target consumers. The fashion buyers make decisions on what to sell and at what price based on their own knowledge of the fashion history, trends in the market and customer feedback. Therefore what the fashion buyers buy and the prices they set puts a bar on how the buyers in the fashion outlets will respond depending on the larger consumer behavior (Azevedo, 2008:98).


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