Tesco is the largest in food retail business in the UK. Offers services to both nonfood and food products that include entertainment, insurance and electrical goods. The Company has a record of employing more than 440,000 people worldwide. The main aim of the company is to deliver quality services and, value adds for its customers. Company’s visibility and size in the market requires highly skilled employees with skills and knowledge. They play roles in manufacturing, retail, transport and engineering.

Point Of View

Increased diversity and change of demographics in the workforce, expansion of legal rights and anti-discrimination laws have erupted in the UK. Therefore, leadership would be viewed on scales of autocratic, lais-sez Faire, democratic and cost. Leadership style applied determines employee understanding of his roles in the achievement of company core values and purposes. Various factors considered in determining which leadership to apply; they include roles and responsibilities available, number of employees and the traditions of the company.

Business organizations are experiencing challenges in management due, to wrong application of leadership styles. Regardless of the culture of the organization arising from company’s operation, leadership styles must be considered. These would be achieved by considering the following; communication within work, manager’s influence towards team work etc. Managers in Tesco can adopt laissez-faire leadership with the team members. (HUMBY,2004)

Statement of the Problem

To achieve high-quality services and products, Tesco has to come up with a self-evaluation model. This should be applied in all levels running from the administrators through employees to the customers. Applying this would assist in the selection of the best leadership style suitable for Tesco as a company. Also, administrators in Tesco should select a leadership style on the basis of personal inbuilt skills, knowledge and roles. In such cases, managers apply a direct style to make sure all employees either skilled or unskilled understands his roles and responsibility in the achievement of company’s objectives. (WOODS, 2011)


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Areas of consideration

Managers must develop clear communication channels to communicate procedure messages to achieve success. To promote good relationship running from the administrator to employees, the managers must apply the consultative style or approach. In Tesco, it may promote cooperation between the employees, i.e. administrator to managers to engineers leading achievement of goals. (HUMBY, 2004)

In retail and insurance sectors, for instance, managers should use persuasive style to assure and make consumers go for their products. The e.g. Company representative in retail may apply persuasive style as a marketing strategy for Tesco goods and products.

Alternative Courses of Action

For Tesco to achieve its goals, values and objectives, it must embrace the revolution. Administrators and managers in Tesco must be creative, innovative and inspirational. They should lead by example by developing their working teams. Also, they should build aggressive working teams, motivate and solve problems altogether. (WOODS, 2011)

Tesco should provide employee assessment and evaluation parameters. This would allow employees to monitor their own progress towards achievement of organizational goals. Every employee should be guided on his positions, roles, responsibilities and authority. In meeting customer taste and demands and achieving the expected results efficiently, managers should apply the authoritarian style. In this manager direct employee on what’s needed time frame so that results would be as expected. (WOODS, 2011)

Tesco managers should also have influential, inspirational and guide oriented characters in them. This should be transmitted to the employees as it will promote adoption and sustainability of projects within the company.


In conclusion, enthusiastic and excellent managers should choose a leadership style in relation to the situation at hand. Consultation, persuasions should be applied in success sale of the business as it increases motivation and creativity. Furthermore, application of democratic and laissez-faire styles in coordination with team work, drive to success a company will always achieve much. Also, the building of personal trust and integrity would increase employees’ managers and administrators thrust to success. (HUMBY,2004)


In obvious cases, managers should apply autocratic style so as to direct their employees to achieve as required. Though may lead to managers assuming and undervaluing employee innovations and ideas. Tesco should apply this style anytime crisis arises or in case of responding to agent problems. (WOODS, 2011)

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