On the first meeting of the two, Page and Brin, had an argumentative mind of wanting to explore more in whatever they indulge themselves. The two were idealistic with lots of ideas and different suggestions, which eventually resulted in a universal solution of solving bigger computing challenges and retrieving similar information from a considerably large data. In this case, Page and Brim are seen as people committed in making a successful way out of their knowledge, of an idea they have to change technological trends of information related ideas. Moreover, they are hard-working and determined friends. This is seen from their ability to be devoted in pursuing courses, which are focused on their dream careers; for example, having been in the Maryland University, pursuing a course in mathematics together with computer science is more evident in the desire to work hard. On realizing the two were not able to meet the demands for being able to handle the operational business of an organization in terms of transformation to a profit making, they all sought for further knowledge in the business managerial skills to enable them to manage computer technology. This is a move seen as being future-oriented with determinations to improve the living standards and deliver important services, which enhance information technology.

Similarly, Page had a passion in computers. This is seen from the use of computers from the age of six that led to the graduation in the computer-engineering course at the university level. There is also a character of creativity and more specifically, innovation, from both Page and Brin. This is truly depicted from their ability to carry out a research on the search engine for internet, which they later moved away from in order to focus on the frequency that a word could appear on the web site, referring the engine search as a common designing practice. The creation of a search engine is an idea seen to be time-consuming; therefore, the element of perseverance with lots of patience practiced. Even though the whole exercise being time-consuming and tedious, Page and Brin were able to persevere and endure all the pain by going through the whole process in order to make their dream real. With the desire to explore and make business opportunities for the employees, Page and Brin are seen as the individuals, who are future-oriented in realizing dream careers. They are capable of starting from nowhere and head to a multi-billion companies or enterprises with a number of jobs created and people’s skills and knowledge in terms of technology enhanced. They are courageous and can easily make decision after a considerable analysis of the requirements to make their ambitions realized. This is out of the decision for Page and Brin to regard skills and experiences as the minor factors to consider in technological ground, saying that knowledge should be a key factor in considering accomplishments.

Motivational factors come as a result of job satisfaction and the ability to realize all the objectives and goals set by an organization or a company. For a manager to succeed, there must be the certain factors employed in favor of the success of the company he/she is managing. Eric’s motivational career success is seen from the perspective of growing from low class level of a company to the most admired and recognized business opportunity in the world. The intrinsic and extrinsic factors of motivation should work together with the significant steps made to achieve a progressive success out the above mentioned combination. This is realized through some of the managerial skills and tactics employed by Eric to achieve them. By the fact that the Google business was a viable opportunity to explore and succeed, he was able to employ different skills for the success. These skills were: business expansions, which were through the aggressive investments of Google into international businesses. Therefore, an opportunity ability for Eric to be an entrepreneur is highly demonstrated in this case. Once Page and Brin realized that it was possible for the Google business to be viable, Eric used his skills and knowledge to advance and develop the company; thus, making it a world-recognizable company (Schermerhorn, 2011).


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Eric was highly motivated and made an over-hire and efficiency running to grab the land for business. As in the entrepreneurial field, a successful move made by an entrepreneur after indulging in managerial or business opportunity acts as a motivating factor to make more advances in the same time. Once an individual has produces successful and positive results from a business venture or opportunity, this acts as an inner driving factor to try to work harder in order to reach even higher results. In addition, he made it a business revenue stream, where all the company’s products were recognized through adverts, and sold offline. Many factors have contributed to the company’s motivation out of success: the business was a monopoly, at an evolving stage it received an upper hand of making faster advances, numerous apps were sold and checkouts were made, there was a continuous search for the enterprises, as well as many facilities were directly owned or taken on account (Furnham, 2009). Eric was able to understand the expectations of both the administrators and those, behind the evolution of Google, in order to bring the business to success. Therefore, the concern was to make a performing manager out of the responsibilities assigned and the duties to make the company to meet the growing economic status through profit making and realizationm as it was initiated by Page and Brin (Frey, 2002).

Google reveals that the employees, otherwise called Googlers, have a role to play in regards to the business, of sustaining the culture of the company, which may be seen as transforming to a self-reliable and developing business opportunity. The company’s beliefs in employees’ commitment and determination to enjoy all benefits and any available opportunities are at the maximum level. Page and Brin have also made a contribution that in hiring decision and any related work experience, the two counts less, as compared to the knowledge and education background of an individual employee. Therefore, knowledge has higher regard, than the experiences and the skill or the idea.

In the ten reasons for employees working with Google, we can vividly realize that Google employees have a desire to offer services, which may be helpful to other individuals or customers. Their ability to lend a hand that is helpful, qualifies them with a heart that is willing and committed to offer and deliver services, which may be very important to the customers. They also make life to seem more beautiful and desirable to the customers through making a remarkable fulfilling differences in the technological world of information. The employees have an ability to motivate, which results in the improved work output. This is possible with an ability to have fun and inspire others out of an idea what they will receive from the company.

The Google employees’ depict a scenario, through which one can analyze the work place and discover that it is a place, where an individual can enhance his/her social skills. This example can be supported through networking: one can share his/her ideas, play, and meet friends to share problems; thus, making it more admirable. From the Google employees, the company shows a continued support and good relationship that is demonstrated as that of family-friendly and conducive working environment, which is more encouraging to all. Whenever a company recognizes the abilities of its employees, the workers also feel more appreciated and regarded; therefore, they are able to make positive contributions through giving innovation ideas. The fact that Google loves employees, shows that the kind of services delivered are to the customer’s satisfaction and more specific, are committed to satisfy customers’ needs of services. It also shows that innovation is within an individual’s ability and is motivated by the set goals or objectives that need to be accomplished within a set timeline.

A company that enhances employees’ talents and motivates them towards enjoying any technological innovation plays a key role in making more advanced ideologies, realized as a result of motivated workers. The Google employees have diverse innovation backgrounds, which are natured by this fact of an endless opportunity offered by the company through encouraging them. They are also delighted in working with the most recognized company that has made tremendous progress for its success in making a union with global companies in the world with a sole purpose of improving the world to be a recognized place. The fair treatments with the recognition of the employers can improve the company’s service delivery. It plays a significant role in enhancing creativity and innovation, which has seen Google improving significantly. Finally, Google’s employees are trained to face challenges and explore higher opportunities for innovation and creativity through the company’s support and encouragement to achieve.

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