Competitive context characteristics are factors that have been seen to be of great influence to the strategy that a certain company would pursue. They have a great role in the way the strategy is formulated take part in the company (Han 1). Every company wants to succeed in its undertakings. The businessmen want to sell more products to get more profits and expand. In this paper, we look at the analysis of competitive context and some of the ways that can be used to make the business marketing to be more effective.

Situation Analysis

Nicole Hayes was a planning director in Mindshare Group, which advertised for Unilever brands – Axe, Dove and Degree. She said that they had problems with Axe because they found themselves in uncharted water or controversial. However, Unilever was of help to them since they are able to have dialogues in all disciplines to examine what works and what does not. The problem arose as for whether advertising makes Unilever’s look opportunistic or hypocritical other than being committed to Dove Campaign aimed at real beauty. The question as to whether it really aims at making money towards the end arises.

Strategic Philanthropy connects the charitable contribution with the business. For this to succeed, the business should analyze its competitive context. The company should evaluate own goals, products and services. The organization ought to do an analysis of what social and geographical dimensions it should put a lot of energy in increasing the social improvements, as well as the market share. Acid test to a better corporate philanthropy looks into whether the social change desired is of any benefit to a business such that the group could look into the change even if nobody is aware of it (Porter and Kramer 15).

Problem Analysis

The characteristics of competitive context are very important in the way a company formulates and pursue certain strategies. It is also significant in determining the strategy is shaped in the company. As a result, research was done on the causes of the problems of context competition on Dove and other companies. The research was done and quantitative information obtained. The methods used to do the research included interviews and information from the journals, too. Most of the problems the companies face that people interviewed suggested are inadequate planning, market research and also failing to implement their policies. The examination focused on the best ways of overcoming this challenge and using them to improve the sales of a company.



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Solution Analysis

The research conducted found that those companies, whose personnel are able to do proper research on the best methods of advertising their products the way people view their products as well as the tastes and preferences of their customers, do well in the market. The reason is the company can make more of the products that are of high demand; target certain customers of their produce, for example, the Dove Campaign that targeted three thousand women in ten countries. Since they were aware of what women think of their industry, they were able to make a new marketing opportunity.

On the other hand, companies should plan on their marketing strategies and then willing to implement these stands a high chance of gaining ground on the competitive market environment. Most of the organizations still use the traditional ways of marketing. A company that uses new methods of marketing would be able to obtain more customers. Some of the aforementioned methods include applying of social media such as Facebook. This gives the business a chance to chat with customers frequently hence get feedback on the feelings of the customers on a certain product. Also, the companies have a chance of posting pictures and videos about their new products and how customers are served or a customer using a certain product.

The best thing to be done in a business situation is to advertise the products offered. This ensures that many customers get the information of the products being offered in the market. Dove changed the strategies of marketing communication and came up with “Campaign for Real Beauty.” The aim of the campaign was challenging stereotypes by beauty industry for many years (Purkayastha, Fernando, and Meenakshisundaram 16). To make the customers feel the products more campaigns should be done on the latter. For example, Dove had more campaigns such as the Uniquely ME, which targeted the young girls, and it touched over five hundred thousand girls.

Implementation Analysis

Once the research is done on the best methods of marketing, the managers are expected to sit and discuss the various findings so as to come up with the best idea of implementing. It is advisable, however, for managers to adopt a different method of advertising their products. Dove, for instance, did their marketing strategy in a different manner, and that is why they gained market hence boosting their sales. Managers could also come up with new ideas of improving the quality of the products, rebranding the ones and giving offers at certain seasons. This makes the sales to increase since it attracts more customers.

When the above-pointed is done, the company will have the benefit of gaining more customers to buy their products, consequently, getting more profits.


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