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Online essay rewriting service provided by will help you adjust your previously written paper to the new needs, instructions, or requirements. What do you actually need rewriting for? Many students ask themselves this question as many of them find it hard to differentiate between revision and rewriting and they often do not know in what instances they should rewrite some text. There may be several reasons for rewriting texts. The first reason is when you want to improve the quality of writing, especially when it contains plenty of mistakes, fallacies, and typos. As such, when you rewrite some paragraphs or sentences of the given text, you might greatly improve it. The second reason for rewriting is when you need to update the content of the article or some other piece of writing. In this case, you may be limited not merely with paraphrasing but also with changing the content a bit to provide some newer facts and details. The third reason to rewrite a text is to eliminate plagiarism, especially if some parts of the text were copied from outside sources. All in all, the text which sentence best explains the statement writing is rewriting – so, rewriting can be used for making the text easier to comprehend.

If you cannot cope with rewriting on your own and you are wondering where to get quality rewriting from, do not hesitate and contact our company for help. provides top-quality content rewriting services and it does not matter whether you need to rewrite a paper in history, psychology, philosophy, business, mathematics, management, or some other subject. The ultimate result will be the same – the rewritten paper will be perfect. You can contact our company for help when you need to rewrite an essay, a research paper, a term paper, a review, a report, or even a dissertation. When you get a paper from us, you will have an outstanding sample of what a perfect piece of writing should look like. Many clients keep wondering if the rewriting services that we provide are expensive. On our part, we want to guarantee you that the pricing policy is reasonable, as we want to make our service affordable for an average student. Our company is one of the few that has managed to strike a perfect balance between the prices and the quality. We hold top ratings, so you can fully trust your rewriting assignments to us.

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Methods of Essay Rewriting

Rewriting academic papers is a versatile process that is far more interesting and complex than you have ever thought hence the importance of knowing some of the core methods of essay rewriting. Check out the main methods below:

  • Synonymization. This is one of the most apparent means of rewriting papers that are of poor quality. It may be easily inferred from its name that it deals with providing synonyms to some words and phrases that have to be changed or adjusted according to the instructions. When you are just substituting some words into their synonyms, you may use a thesaurus or use some online platforms that may help you come up with proper equivalents. However, this method of rewriting cannot be definitely recommended since for experts it is evident that the content as such was not actually rewritten. So, if you do not want to have a low-quality rewritten paper in the end, opt for some other means of rewriting.
  • Minor rewriting. It may be partially similar to synonymization, but in this case, you focus not only on rewriting words but rather on rewriting sentences or even rewrite paragraphs. Whereas the former type of rewriting can be even done online with the help of specific online platforms, minor rewriting is always a manual process.
  • Deep rewriting. This is a complete paraphrase of the text where you totally change the form without modifying the content. In other words, you have to narrate the text in different words by saving the central message. No change of topic is ever applicable here. In this case, rewriting resembles copywriting.



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Top 10 Tips for Successful Essay Rewriting

The rewriting process can be different depending on the type of paper you are working on, so if you need to rewrite an essay, check out the following recommendations on how to ensure top-quality essay rewriting:

  1. Take a break after writing. When you are immersed in the writing process and start reviewing it immediately, it may not be effective. Try to take time away and put away the paper for at least a day or even a week. Only after that, get back to the essay to review it and rewrite some parts if needed.
  2. Split your paper into chunks. Break the paper into pieces and try to focus on each chapter or section separately. Maybe you will find out in the rewriting process that the idea was poorly developed. You will have to help it evolve and become more vivid. Specifically, do not be afraid to make changes when it comes to some earlier paragraphs. One of the recommendations is to review your characters. If the idea of rewriting your text seems frustrating to you, do not be afraid to ask for help in rewriting.
  3. Distance yourself from the content you have written. While rewriting your paper, pretend that you are some other person, for example, a reader who has just found the paper and is looking through it for the first time. Think of what impression your audience may have in the process of reading your essay. What would they improve or change?
  4. Seek feedback from an essay rewriter or a professional editor. You may as well ask your writing partner to look through your paper and see whether it has some flaws. If you have no person from your surroundings to turn to, keep in mind that you can always find an online rewriter and ask him/ her to provide you with feedback. Pay attention to all suggestions that you get from others and try to improve your paper accordingly.
  5. Limit the amount of time that you delegate to rewriting different paper sections and figuring out different problem areas. Do not focus on the same page or paper chapter for too much time. Do not rewrite the same paper section again and again either because you will get stuck in the process. Try to cover different chapters consistently. If you suffer from procrastination, find a balance or address our best rewriting service for help.
  6. Focus your attention on specific passages or paragraphs that need to be rewritten. First look through the paragraphs or places that seem difficult, sophisticated, or confusing – try to rewrite them in the first place if needed. Then move on to the other paper parts. Pay attention to the parts where you provide quotations, direct speech, etc.
  7. Try the color-coding technique. Pick highlighters of different colors and decide what each color stands for: green might be used for the areas you are fully satisfied with; yellow might be used for the aspects you are not sure about; red might be used for areas that should be improved or rewritten.
  8. Go through the essay rewriting checklist after reviewing your paper. Ask yourself such questions: What is the central idea of your writing? Is it clear? Are the dialogues well-balanced in the paper? Are there any parts of the paper that are irrelevant?
  9. Read your paper out loud. After you have polished your work, try reading the paper out loud. When doing so, it may be easier for you to spot mistakes and pay attention to those areas that may sound strange.
  10. Print the paper out and submit the hard copy to your professor.

When you need to improve the quality of your paper, keep in mind that our essay rewriting service may be cheaper than when you ask a professional writer to write a paper from scratch. So, if you need to improve your paper or adjust it to updated requirements, do not hesitate and ask us, “Please I need help rewriting my paper.” Our company administrators will assign you a professional who will help you get excellent grades. Whether you need an essay, a report, a review, a term paper, a research paper, resume rewriting, or even rewriting dissertation, be rest assured that you can trust our service for top-quality help.

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You may find some sentence rewriting online platforms, but they will definitely not be as effective as the rewriting assistance from writers. So, do not hesitate and contact our company for help. If you have some questions concerning the order placement process or the payment of services, feel free to contact our customer support service as it operates 24/7.


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